Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woo Hoot Wednesday

Kia ora! (It's Maori Language Week.)

Man this week is going fast. And it's getting faster!

1. My big woo hoot is that I have a JOB! Yay!!!!

It isn't with the people who interviewed me last week. No. I think that one is a dead loss because I've not heard from them via phone. Waiting on the cowardly letter from them.

But my old work rang with a position they need to fill asap. I'll be starting Monday! EEK! But it will be doing stuff I know how to do, and the kind of thing I like best. It is full time - slightly scary but part time work is so hard to find. I will have to apply for the position when it is advertised, but this time I will be the internal applicant. So I am taking a chance on that one, but I hope it is going to be worth my while.

It will be just down the road at our satellite campus so I shan't have to say Te kino hoki o te whaiwhai waka i t[e]nei ata! - The traffic was terrible this morning. Heh heh.

Funnily enough the day care had a space for DD immediately so things are slotting into place rather well. *wherefore did ye doubt o ye of little faith* I went and paid the deposit for her and she didn't want to leave, so that is a good sign. We'll spend some of tomorrow and Friday there as well.

I have no idea how this is going to all work but I'm trying to go with the flow. One thing for sure is that we will be slightly more comfortable financially which is a good thing. Maybe my car will be able to have a service at last... it hasn't had one for oh, say, 2 years. I'll bet if cars could talk it would be woo hooting about that one.

2. The crop on Saturday! Looking forward to it. Got a few more page kits sorted. Plus reprinted some of the badly aged colour photos of my MIL's for an 8x8 album I'm doing for her. Love it how PS can change the colour cast. The B&W ones are still good, so I will use those originals even though it means I won't be able to fit many on a page. I don't like to crop them you see.. my librarian/archivist tendencies coming through. But the reprints I did I have no compunction about cropping.

So many things to remember before we leave on Saturday but hopefully I won't forget anything essential.

Hei konā


  1. What fabulous Woo Hoots Penny :-) Thrilled you've got a job and that daycare had a space. Fantastic :-)

  2. so so so so happy for you and how it all worked out, even better that Miss L likes daycare and even better that the job will not be far from work. Fab Fab Fab!!

  3. Oh, that is such great news Penny, and with the daycare space aswell, it's obviously meant to be.

    Can't wait till the weekend, not sure how organised I am going to be, (everything is still in boxes,) but am really looking forward to meeting you.

  4. Huge congrats on the job, Penny! It sounds fabulous, especially with the daycare space being open right at the time you need it. Definitely has shades of "meant to be" written all over it ...

  5. Congrats Penny
    back with the old crew!
    It sounds like everything is working out very well for you and a small part of me is jealous. If I didn't have to leave Jacob I'd love to go back to work but I can't have it both ways.
    Think I'm just responding to him being extra clingy atm and this too will pass. :-)
    I am extremely pleased for you though and can't wait to catch up on the goss

  6. good luck with the job next week!

    See you Saturday!

  7. Yippeee! It sounds like everything is working out just perfectly ... will be thinking of you as you adjust to the work/daycare routine next week. Enjoy the crop on Saturday.

  8. Whoo hoot is right! Congratulations Penny, lol about your car whoo hooting, thats so funny! Fantastic news!!

  9. shornsheep9:31 am

    Hey CONGRATULATIONS Penny!!!!!!!!!

    That is awesome news and with the childcare all slotting into place definitely sounds like it was all meant to be.

    Yay you!

  10. Just so you know we expect nothing less than a MASSIVE gecko on your name badge... then I won't embarass myself by not recognising you ;)

    Can't wait although it sound like you are light years ahead of me in the organised game!

  11. Hi Penny, thanks for coming over and visiting my blog! Great list of whoo hoots, lucky you getting a daycare space, they can be rare as hens teeth LOL. All the best with the new job. See you on Saturday.

  12. Huge, huge congratulaions on your job, Fantastic and it will certainly take the pressure off financialy for you :)

  13. Congratulations on your job, Penny! I'm a bit jealous. I've been feeling antsy to get out and do something lately.

  14. Congratulations on your job! You're organised so I'm sure that you'll cope really well

  15. Congrats on the new job! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  16. YIPPIE!

    I'm sure you wil LOVE working again. The money is always good too.

    FULLTIME too!

    Talk about jumping in with both feet.

    Sucks a little that we probably won't be able to have playdates then.

    Maybe evening ones in the summer!!!

  17. Trina9:59 pm

    Congrats Penny and good luck for tomorrow.