Saturday, April 05, 2008

NZ Dare 42

The theme for this dare is scrap a childhood memory, so thus I have duly done.

Gotta love those orange tinted photos. I did scan this one and change it a bit, but it is hard when the original isn't good to start with. Never mind!

This LO is about my best friend from primary school. We were inseparable from about Standard 1-4 (7yrs to 10yrs). Funnily enough I can't remember the kinds of games we played. Makes you realise how quickly you forget this sort of stuff.

The chipboard letters have been done with crackle paint but they don't show up so good in the photo.


  1. I have a few "shades of orange" photos in the album Mum made for me! Great aye. You have been busy with your LO's :-) Crackle looks neat. Humm think I have some of that stashed away somewhere ... will have to have a hunt! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. gorgeous Penny. Also I had heard about Freecycling. wellington doesn;t seem to be as active as Auckland.

  3. Very cool layout. And yes, I think I need to find out about freecycling :)