Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No added colour

No added colour
Originally uploaded by pdugmore2001.

My little cropping group got together finally and I managed to create one single LO in the evening. I'm still not entirely happy with it but am not sure what to do to to make it better.

I have all these ideas but putting them into reality is another matter. My mojo is blocked or something. How to spark my creativity? Part of the problem is time and being able to feel free to sit down and do things. Last week was hopeless because I didn't feel I should disappear into my scrapping lair while the ILs were here.

DH has been playing with his toys he got for his birthday.

He is a fan of the Strobist website and has got some flashes etc to play with. He's been 10 years at his place of work and they gave him some money as a gift which he used to get some other gear too. Here is his effort.

Licorice Allsorts (Copyright 2008 Rod Dugmore)

BTW - Wordpress hates me right now. It tells me I'm posting comments too quickly. Even though it can be a day between each comment! So my lovely WP users - I'm reading but don't be surprised if my comments are sparse.


  1. No added colour huh!! Cute photo though. At first glance she looks like she's been really badly sunburnt!! :-)

  2. Wow, is that paint on her face?!

    No time for scrapping is the worst mojo-killer around. I hope you find plenty of creative time this week to make up for not having any while the ILs were staying!

    Weird problem you are having with WP ... their helpdesk people are usually really good at responding, so you could try dropping them a line.

  3. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I think the layout is great. As for the no added colouring? I have found anything like home made spag bol and very tomatoey (is that a word? I don't think so) sauces stain quite badly. Isaac loved the 'little pillows' too!

    Your hubby is very talented, that is an awesome photo of the licorice!

  4. Penny I have the same problem leaving Wp comments, it's only just started. I found it doesn't happen all the time, so soemtimes I copy and paste comments just ion case I get the message. Love the photo your Dh took. Very cool pressies. As for your layout I dont think it needs anything else.

  5. Anonymous5:42 pm

    great layout! awesome photo of the lollies. ruth

  6. Lol - she looks too cute! Tomoto can leave bad stains on clothes so it is possibly just the tomato. Your hubby is very talented

  7. Too cute!! I know how you feel about lacking inspiration. Must be the change of seasons (or global warming or some other factor I have no control over!!)

    Looks like hubby got some good gear (when did he get the big white lens??). I like his flash modifier - did a great job on the lollies. I have read Strobist too but I am having enough issues trying to figure out on camera flash before I take it off.

  8. Anonymous10:51 pm

    LOL sooooooooo cute, had me chuckling!
    Hope your life slows down a bit again and you find more time to scrap.
    Love that photo your hubby took!

  9. Anonymous12:43 am

    You are one creative couple! Both projects are beautiful!

  10. I just love those messy faces! Both the layout and the photo of the candy look fabulous!

  11. I cracked up at the photo. I think the LO is great as it is?
    Hubbies photo is awesome.
    I'm having WP probs too! Grrr.