Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March Reading Round Up


Edward Trencom's Nose / by Giles Milton
Story about a family of Trencom's who have a mysterious past and the ability to use their nose to identify cheese. Sort of like a wine nose but with cheese. Edward Trencom is the latest in line with this ability, but his normal life gets put in jeopardy by the appearance of a strange Greek bearing dire warnings. A slightly off beat story but quite fun. Made me want to eat cheese.

The Piano Tuner/ Daniel Mason
A piano tuner who specialises in a particular type of piano is requested to go to Burma to tune a piano belonging to one of the diplomats there. Having never experienced such exotica before he finds it all rather strange and exciting. Things turn to custard of course, and he has to deal with it all. Strangely exhilarating.

A history of insects / by Yvonne Roberts
Set at the end of Britain's "occupation" of India, an enclave of British public servants have to rub along together despite their differences. In their midst, a little girl having to deal with a very controlling, odd mother witnesses something she doesn't really understand but which could have consequences beyond her imagination. To hide her journal from prying eyes she begins another entitled "A history of insects". This story was enthralling and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though parts of it were uncomfortable to read.

The virgin's knot / by Holly Payne
Okay, DH 's rude comments aside, this book was also quite enthralling. It's about a crippled weaver in Turkey, love, duty and spirituality and the conflicts that arise between them. Sad ending though.

Simply Heaven/ Serena Mackesy
Aussie sheila meets British toff and they fall in love while on holiday. Conflict arises when they go back to his home and family, and she discovers what she is in for. Archaic rules, b*tchy MILs and g-mas, a crumbling castles and mysterious scandals in the past makes for some interesting times! Highly amusing, suspenseful and a great read. Found myself sneaking away to read this when I should have been doing work.

Quattrocento/ by James McKean
A conservator in New York discovers a long forgotten portrait in the bowels of the museum storage and restores it, falls in love with the woman, and via some very confusing physics manages to travel back in time to 15 century Tuscany. I found this one a bit hard to follow in parts - somehow didn't always "hang" together. Maybe it's because I didn't get the Understanding Physics & Maths gene. Dunno. Good story. Might have enjoyed it more if there was more about the relationships in it rather than the mechanics of time travel. Lots of interesting factual stuff about painting though.

Frankie & Stankie/by Barbara Trapido
Two girls growing up in 1950s South Africa where it's a time of dreadful change. The story follows Dinah's journey through childhood and adolescence as she deals with her family's values and those of her country. Absorbing book.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Have you read all those books in one month?? Wow! ruth

  2. some interesting ones there Penny, quite like the quirkiness of the first one :-). Simply Heaven sounds so Catherine Cookson to me. Maybe when the child lit paper finishes I graduate back to Adult fiction lol.

  3. I'm writing some down and getting them from the library the next trip in. Reading is my stress relief, so I read a lot as well.

  4. Thank you, Madam Reviewer - will print off your post and take it with me to the library!

  5. I haven't read any fiction this month :-( did buy a CK mag though and it's very well thumbed. Hey you did do some layouts! :-) You are just so busy you forgot! Have a good party tomorrow. HB to your hubby :-)

  6. now will you come and write up my reviews for the paper serious!

  7. Wow, good info! Thank you!!