Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 Friday Night Challenges from Scrapbook Outlet

SBO had a challenge last Friday.

1) Use a song lyric or title: Was tempted to use All the nice girls love a sailor but it didn't quite work... so stuck with Sunday morning by Daniel Boone.

2) Scrap lift a layout from the gallery - I used this one from Bronny. Top photo is me asleep by the fire with my bottle of choccy milk. Bottom photo is Missy Moo, leg propped on the table with her bottle of water.

Apparently the only way Mum got me on to the bottle was with chocolate milk. No wonder I have chocolate addictions.

3) Use fabric on your layout. Missy Moo has learnt where the frozen blueberries live. So she opens the freezer and brings them to me to have a treat :-) I dyed some calico and tore it into strips.


  1. loved the calico dyed to match that layout. Love the butterfly paper above. You have been busy, cute layout of you and missy moo. I love that name for her. Enjoy your break away D family.

  2. Great LO's Penny. Like the pic of you :-) hee hee too cute. You had curls!!! Have a fab holiday.

  3. Gorgeous layouts Penny!!! The 'Then & Now' one is super cute and I love the butterfly paper too :) Very clever dying the calico!!!

    p.s. your 'interview' in the previous post is super cute!

  4. Hi again Penny :) I'm not stalking you... honest!!! Your name got pulled out of the hat for an RAK on my blog :) Check out the latest post!

  5. Anonymous10:13 am

    These are absolutely beautiful, Penny! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!

  6. Well done on completing all the challenges! Your l/os are cool

  7. LOL - blueberries - yum!

  8. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Great LO's what a fab idea to use the juice to dye the calico you're such a smart one!!

  9. Trina8:53 pm

    These are fabulous Penny.