Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Interview with a 4.5 year old

Having interviewed DS at 3.5 years and made a LO of it, I decided to do it again just for fun and to use it for journaling later.

How old are you?
Too old.
I think you are 4 and a half!

What is your favourite colour?
Black & green.
What is your favourite food?
Pizza, sketti and sausages.
What is your favourite bit about yourself?
Let me see.. I know... jumping!

What are you going to be when you grow up?
A Mantis.

What do you like to play?
Byron, Alfie and George (Thomas the tank Engine and friends)
Being a mantis
What does a mantis do?
They walk around really quiet.

What do you like best about Mummy?
To play with me.
What do you like best about Daddy?
To play with me and set up my trains.
What do you like best about Lydia?
To play with me.
Okay - think I get the picture here.

Who is your best friend?
Any other friends?
Ella and Clayton.

Who do you love?
What about Daddy?
Who else?
Gran & Grandad. Uummmmm... Stuff to play with... aaaaaaaaaah.... Aunty... Aunty Nellie... Nan & Pop... Lydia.


  1. Adorable :-) Wonder if I should ask Aaron some of those questions! He says either yes or no to lots of things whether he means yes or no or not!! Too funny.

  2. I love how they think, great way to document his thought processes lol

  3. I love this and might borrow your questions for my boy! They are great. And I love how you documented exactly he said.

  4. I might have to steal this one for my own blog...Such a cute idea. That boy is really into mantises (sp?)huh!

  5. Gorgeous Penny. :) Now you know how to quieten him down, ask him to act like a mantis :) Too cute ;)

  6. I love it! I may steal the idea and 'interview' Trinity.

  7. Oh that is sooo sweet and such a great idea! I am going to have to try something like this with Princess and Drama Queen. It should be interesting!

  8. Great idea and love the way life is just full of play and playmates, too cute !

  9. trina8:52 pm

    Love this Penny. Great idea. And such cute answers. Oh to be young again and play all day. Bliss.