Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Having use the Healthy Food Guide's menu planner to write up my list I then proceeded to leave it at home when I went shopping! Just as well I remembered what I was planning!

Monday - roast chick legs, salad, roast vege medley
Tuesday - Star anise beef with rice, stir fry veges
Wednesday - Vego burgers using falafel mix for the patties
Thursday - Chicken satay, rice, salad
Friday - Beef and carrot stew, mashed spuds, beans
Saturday - quintessential NZ take away.. Fish 'n' Chips
Sunday - soup and pizza

We're going on holiday this week hence the takeaway. DH and I had some great FnC at the place we're going some years ago so we're hoping they haven't changed hands since then! We're renting a bach through Holiday Houses for the first time. Normally we'd stay in a cabin in a camp ground but this time we thought we'd try this option seeing we're staying for a longer period.

It seemed a good idea with the children the age they are. DH has great plans for landscape photography which will involve some day tramps - not all of which are suitable for a 4.5 yr old and a mummy carrying 10.2kg of little girl on her back. The good thing about this option is that we can eat normal meals because there is a proper kitchen. I'm going to cook and freeze some stuff this week to take so that I have a bit of a break too. Three litres of Pea and Ham soup on the stove as we speak!


  1. Love this weeks meal planner Penny and what a cool idea cooking ahead of time.. will make next week so much more relaxing for you!

  2. hey Penny sounds like your going to have a great holiday, can you share your recipe for the beggie burgers if you havent already.

  3. Hannah5:29 pm

    Your menu sounds nice, want to cook for me too? LOL :-)
    Have a nice holiday - sounds like you will!

  4. we having the same for dinner tonight, except for the salad, we're having brocoli, cauli and beans with our roast veges.

  5. Hi Penny - hope you have a great holiday. :-) You are so organised it's nearly depressing! (ha I don't even know what I am doing for tea tonight!!) What's new though! Cheers R