Monday, April 14, 2008

Favourite Things

Favourite Things
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themommykelly is back with Flaunt it Friday and so here is my take on her theme: A few of your favourite things.

This would be a great meme for those of you doing a BOM! *hint hint*

From top left-right:
* My Great-grandmother's hat resting on my candle-wicked quilt that my mum made me for my wedding. My g-gma was a bit of a fashion follower and my g-gpa complained everything she got had to be top quality! LOL! The hat doesn't fit me but I wish it did. My quilt is awesome.
* My bookshelf. I need more of these.
* My cake mixer. I use it every week, probably more than once. It's red which is one of my favourite colours and one of the reasons we forked out the money for an expensive brand.

Bottom row left - right:
* Neem granules - my favourite "green" gardening pest management. Great for controlling sucking/chewing pests organically.
* My gecko - I collect these and this is my favourite. One day I will have a china cabinet to display him.
* Coffee from Atomic and chocolate (Lindt in this case).

What are a few of your favourite things?


  1. Love your list & photos of your favourite things :-)

    I'd have to think pretty hard to narrow mine down ... but Coke Zero would be on there for sure!

  2. Love your list there Penny. Hmmm I wonder if that hint was for a friend of yours whose name starts with R? lol. Oh gosh I have lots of fav things and what springs to mind is my coffee machine, grandmothers cake plate, Our quilt made by Mikes mum. My collection of childrens books, oh my scrapping books. See I could go on forever.

  3. :-) that hint for me was it?? Okay ... I will do my list in a few days ... have a bit of catching up to do ... haven't been blogging since Thurs and I have HEAPS to tell! Like your pics :-) I love my RED mixer too, but it's not an expensive one!! :-)

  4. Great list and love the photos!
    On my list would be some of my special candles, books, scrapping supplies, photos, my quilt made for my 21st, our clock that was Steve's grandfathers.....

  5. Heya again Penny:)
    I enjoyed reading your list. Really like how you bought a red kitchen machine just because you love the colour! It's so important those little or slightly bigger things that provide us with a lot of pleasure.
    Oh yum Lindt chocolate!!! That definetely qualifies as one;p My favorite cup at home is red and at work it's a gift from Rainer with love bunnies on it, they cheer me up every time I use them.

  6. First off, darlin, lemme say that I love your creative photo collage, the artistic angles, color selections and all. Let me continue by heaving a huge jealous sigh your way for your mixer and yes, your Gecko (damn is he cute!).

    Thanks for playing. BTW, red is also my favorite color after black!

  7. Cool photos - and cool faves. Hmmm...chocolate.... :)

  8. Oh I love my cake mixer too...Thanks for sharing your list and fun pics!