Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No 15 minutes of fame for me this time

Oh well, didn't get to be a guest designer with Paper Pesto. Never mind!

With 30 odd entries it must have been difficult to choose. :-) I think my style is possibly too simple for design calls, and not unique enough. But that is okay. I scrapbook for me, my family, my stories and for the creative fun. Not fishing for sympathy or compliments here, just stating what I think.

Paper Pesto do some awesome kits and it would have been fun to play with them in a "designer" capacity. But I'm trying to persuade the whanau that I need a sub to the kits for my birthday..... I'm hoping that will work! LOL!

Moving right along!

These were my entries.


  1. Oh Penny, your LO's are unique. One thing I noticed on the final 12 ... a lot of them have birds on them!!! I know birds are trendy at the moment, but I must say I struggle to put birds on things when they don't even tie in with the subject! Sending you hugs and virtual choc :-) (it's virtual to help with your diet goal!!) :-)

  2. well I am not sure what to say Penny other than your focus is right you scrap for you and your family and to be creative and to record stories. I hope you manage to convince the family to buy you are sub for your birthday.

  3. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Good on you for giving it a go. And I totally am with you on the whole feelings about it! Check out my blog later, haven't blogged yet, after dinner and kids are in bed.
    And I think your layouts are cool and show your family wat life is all about. FUN

  4. Your layouts are great, and I do think your style is unique. Don't give up is all I can say. From my own experience, it takes several NO's before you hear the big YES. And your reason for scrapping is perfect ... you shouldn't do it for any other reason.

  5. Penny you was robbed!
    I think you're very original and I love your designs, they have a very kiwi/nature feel about them. I do agree with angel gurl that you scrap for the right reasons but I also think you're a good teacher and deserve a little credit as a good designer.

  6. Sorry you didn't get in this time, but like Hannah said, keep trying and don't give up. Scrap for yourself and your family first. There is nothing wrong with your style - it's yours and it works. I really love 'The Dad Factor', what a neat title. Hope you get that sub for your birthday!

  7. I like your l/os Penny and I feel the same - I scrap for my family and me. I hope you don't get sick

  8. Really like the Dad Factor page...You are very much an artist in your scrapbooking...I'm thinking of going digital b/c I just can't keep up w/our family albums and our small house doesn't allow me all the room I need to spread out for traditional scrapbooking. I really do admire your creativity and simply the fact that you are good at keeping up! :)