Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Lamb chops and veges
Tuesday - Savoury vego tart plus this salad from Arfi Binstead (yum!). Bit of a "girls" tea but DH even suggested the tart as our weekly vegetarian meal so I took advantage of it! Think we will have sago for dessert. Somewhere I've seen a coconut sago pudding that I want to make.
Wednesday - G's coming to scrap with me all day so I am making Osso bucco in the crockpot and we shall have rice and some vegetables with it
Thursday - Chicken Cacciatore, taters, broccoli
Friday - Lamb shanks tagine, cous cous, yams
Saturday - Mussaman chicken curry, rice, some sort of suitable vegetable... just can't think of which one at present
Sunday - Fish cakes, salad/leaves from the garden

On Saturday I visited Eco-Organics and was impressed with the quality of their produce. I am hoping to try out their box scheme but I need to test how long a box lasts before knowing how often I'd need to get a delivery. The people there are friendly too and told me their boxes of vegetables are "guaranteed" so if there is any issue with them, they want to know.

I managed to get lost on my way there... stupidly I thought I knew where to turn off but instead of checking on the map like I normally do, I just got in the car and drove. And ended up halfway to Helensville. So... after some self-flagellation and mutterings about wasting petrol, I looked at the map and found where I was supposed to be. Got there in the end I guess. It should have taken me about 30 minutes. Still, can't get much more local than that in terms of vegetables. Unless you grow your own, which I do a bit.

Also on Saturday I went to Mum's Stampin' Up party. *deep breath* I want it all.

However, fiscal constraints meant I treated myself to 2 measly items while breaking the coveting commandment every second. I did consider having a party myself but a) my friend G is going to have one which I will probably go to and b) I have no friends everyone I would invite was at Mum's or will be at G's party. So there didn't seem to be any point!

BTW, the demonstrator was Rachel Knight and she was very nice. She demo'd 2 cards (beautiful) and we made another. The stamp set I bought was the Baroque Motifs one, and some of the Brocade Background paper. I so, so, so wanted the scallop punch but I just couldn't get it this time.

Mum got it though. Maybe it might like to have a holiday at my house doncha think?


  1. Ohhh good choice with the stamps ... very practical of you! And I love that paper too. :-) Haven't bought any of their papers yet. Let me know what you think of them. Yep ... def think that punch will need a holiday at your house at some point hee hee :-) Lovely - you are having a scrap day with G. Have fun :-) Look forward to seeing your creations ;-)

  2. forgot to say I don't know that Rachel ! BTW ... did she have any scrap pages as examples? Just curious cause the ladies I know that are demonstrators are really only into cards.

  3. I know what you mean about the Stampin Up parties. I went to one and filled in an order form, then ripped it up! It was just too expensive, but boy did I want it all!

  4. oh yes the stampin up has some real delights, I got the catalouge so I could look at it all the time. I have just bought a few things each time. You could always have a catalouge party, where by you collect peoples orders from the catalouge. I do think the punch may want a holiday at your house.

  5. Hi Penny!
    Just to answer your question about the beetroot: No, I just shaved them with vegetable peeler raw. You can cook them if you prefer, though.


  6. Mmmm, the Baroque Motifs stamps are on my wishlist ... but I already have the scallop punch ... so I shouldn't complain! Finding friends is hard when you all know the same people ... might be a good reason to make some more friends!

  7. Oh goodness, Penny. I can't even bear to read your menus they look so delicious. That and the fact that they make me want to crawl under a rock as the laziest SAHM cook ever!

    How much time do you actually put into planning your menus, or do you have a system of some sort?

  8. Sandra4:01 pm

    Wow, you have such yummy menus at your place. You have just given me a couple of ideas. Was running out of them.

  9. sandra4:04 pm

    PS. Does my URL ever show up on here? Am having problems with our computer lately