Thursday, June 19, 2008

Entry for NZ Dare #47

The dare this time was to scrap a moment from everyday life. So I gave the camera to DS and he took a photo (actually several) of me, his sand pit, the bucket, the flower pot. I then recovered the camera and took one of the two sand monsters.

In Lightroom I used a pre-set called Matt's Vividity for the 2 main photos - something that isn't really evident in the picture of the layout. I wanted to give them a bit of extra punch. I thought at first I would make them a bit grungy but decided against it after seeing the effect on screen.


  1. I love your LO. Awesome (had to grin at Tim's photo of you hanging your bra on the line hee hee) :-) He's obviously a photographer in the making!! Would that be an extra clam shell I see alongside yours? :-) Glad your kids are using it.

  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Tim looks like a naturla photograper! Must take after Daddy and Mummy!
    Great layout.

  3. Great lo, I love it. Cool pics too.

  4. I love that does of real life, are those pink ugg boots I spy? I love it when kids take photos. Love the sewing on that layout.

  5. Super Layout Penny. I love the background colour and the teals.