Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Entry for Dare 48: Sing O Sing

Since I had the stamp stuff out I did another one. Missy Moo also likes to sing. She picks up books or bits of paper (like here) and sings away just like we do at church. Hence the title. ;-) She also will sing grace to herself if we don't seem to be getting to the table to eat fast enough for her liking.

Again - I stamped the background paper and clear embossed it. Not the nicest of music stamps but it was the only one I have that had music on it.

The stamped element didn't turn out exactly as I planned. I needed my friendly stamp guru!

I wanted to stamp a butterfly stamp into some melted UTEE but I pressed a bit too hard and so it wasn't quite the "seal" effect I wanted. Since this was my second attempt at making it and it was 10.30pm I was getting a bit fed up with it and didn't want to do another one. (The first attempt stuck to the stamp because I left it on too long). So I filled the butterfly shape with beads, microbeads and some clear glaze.

The big butterfly is made from some shimmer sheet I've had for ages in my stash. Plus some sequins (from Lara) which Missy Moo had tipped out that morning and spread from one end of the house to the other. Bling carpet!!

I am loving inking my Cuttlebug embossing folders right now :)

NB: The original journaling had some info in it that I didn't want to share online, so I fudged it a bit in PS for the purposes of blogging. So I know it looks a little odd here, but IRL it looks fine.


  1. What a gorgeous photo :-) Dash it all ... if I still lived back there you could of had your pick on about 10-12 music stamps!!! I've shimmer sheetz stuff too that I've never used ... one day! UTEE impressions are sometimes hard to do ... I find it depends a lot on what sort of stamp you are trying to do. I've hard more success with solid looking stamps. Still ... yours looks good like that :-)

  2. Oh I love this Penny. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and that is an adorable photo!

  3. Wow! I love this! I love the colours, the embossing, and the cute photo. Awesome job :-)

  4. Oooooh so cute Penny, just lovely
    Jo x

  5. Hi Penny found you via no 8 wired, love your layout! :)

  6. Cute lo! Am really loving using my stampos at the moment too and not ll turns out quite how I envision it;p