Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woohoot Wednesday

Yeah yeah yeah - I know it's Thursday but I was a bit busy yesterday with cleaning my house so the folks coming for Bible study didn't think I was a sloth. Just as well they didn't look in the kid's rooms huh?

1. My Big woo hoot is that DH's photo got honours on Monday night at his photography club, and the judge is a director at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries at the Uni of Auckland. The ultimate accolade was that she said she would be happy for any of the honours images to be in her gallery. So DH felt quite special about that.

This was his image. It's out at Anawhata.

(c) Rod Dugmore 2008

2. Have made 3 of the eco-bags. Yay!
3. Got a great pattern to make some trousers for DS and it has adult sizes too, so I can make DH some as well. Plus some material I'd been eyeing up which was down to $5.00/ metre from $14.99/metre. Woohoo!
4. My sister is baby sitting an ice cream maker so we have some plans for Saturday to put it into use. Heh heh.

Think I'm getting a lurg. My voice is croaky and getting deeper (almost like Aunty Helen's) and I'm getting that tight chest feeling too.
Right, DD has been suspiciously quiet for a while now. Better check her out.


  1. Congrats to Rod! That's an awesome photo.

    Uh oh ... sorry to hear about the lurgy! Mine hit yesterday with a vengeance, and I have only just showered & dressed for the day (almost lunchtime). Horrid! I hope you don't get what I've got!

  2. Sandra11:51 am

    Love your list this week.

    Congratulations to hubby on his achievement. That sure is an awesome photo.

    Hope you aren't coming down with the lurgy. If you do succomb here's wishing you an extra speedy recovery. :)

  3. Great photo! :-) Woo Hoo alright for the fabric dropping price. And aren't you so cleaver making trousers (actually think those pants my Dad was wearing in the photo in my 70's album my Mum made!!) hee hee Will Rod's have bell bottoms? :-) Hope the icecream will scare away your lurgy! luv R

  4. cool photo, congrats to your DH

  5. Well done DH, that is an amazing photo!

  6. awesome photo Rod and congrats on the honours award, that is awesome. I hope the icecream will make you feel better. How does one get to babysit an icecream maker??
    So does that mean when you tidied up you put everything in the kids bedrooms?? lol

  7. Nice photo!

    Hope you feel better! Enjoy that ice cream - yum!

  8. I have been slack. Great pic - congrats to him!! Great layouts too - I have looked at them all. The vege box thing sounds interesting :)