Thursday, November 08, 2007

One day too late!

For the NZ Dare entry - oh well.. here is my take anyway. I'm still not entirely happy with it.

Here is another I finished off last night. Used some sparkles from the Pesto kit. :-) I'm working on some other ones using the kit but I can't post them here - they are going into the SBO Christmas competition things so you'll have to check out their gallery. Haven't uploaded them yet though...

And I have made my banner more festive. That's the Christmas pud from Nigella Lawson's Feast. And boys does it taste GOOD! It is now residing in the freezer waiting for the special day. I have deviated from my normal recipe this year and made Nigella's.


Apparently the Puritans thought Christmas pud was a "lewd" custom and the Quakers condemmed it as "an invention of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon". Nigella set out to create one worthy of such a moniker and of course I had to make this version this year because it appeals to my sense of humour. Take a good look at the SWB up there in the banner because come the 25th Dec it will be in my tum.


  1. Love the layouts, and the banner!! But I HATE Christmas Pudding!! Can you believe it?

  2. Gorgeous Lo's! Such vibrant colours!
    And *coughs* I'm with Hannah, cant say I care much for christmas pud either, but am always to scared to tell, because it's such an english tradition here. Gimme a pav anyday though!
    Having said that the banner looks awesome and so christmasy!

  3. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Love your new banner... and your scrapbooking. I am truly envious of your layout skills.

  4. oool layouts! Love the new banner, is that your own photo?

    mmmm you might be just the person I'm looking for!!!

  5. I´m a designer at K-JOI studios and I have been looking at your welldesign and most delicate designs layouts. I really would like to see them at the gallery because they are really great. So I invite you to K-JOI and post.

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    Hope to se you, both at K-Joi and my blog.

  6. LOL - I hate Xmas pud so you can eat it my share!! Gorgeous layouts :)

  7. love that banner, but have to say I am not a fan of chrissy pud. Lovely layouts though Penny. Had a wee giggle at Missy moo getting into your handbag lol, she obv had fun exploring.

  8. Very cool layouts! And I LOVE your banner. It's awesome.
    Looking at cute Missy Moo below too. Hehe, they love those handbags from babes.