Monday, November 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks plan was going well until SIL rang and said she was coming down to stay Sat so I had to revise the Lamb Tagine plan. Having got out a whole chook to thaw on Sat morning she rang to say that she wasn't coming; her car was having problems so she bought a new one (as you do) and would be coming next weekend!

Oh well. No harm done and I didn't really mind though I did have to laugh at the car thing. SIL is 36, single, lives at home, has been working since 17 and is on a very nice wage with annual bonus's ... what can I say? LOL! Love her heaps and we get on just fine, but sometimes our different lifestyles contrast rather dramatically. ;-)

Anyway - here's the plan for this week.

Mon - Brats on buns
Tues - the Lamb Tagine I didn't do last week! LOL!
Wed - Smoked Chicken, Melon and hazelnut salad from the latest Dish which came last week
Thurs - Chicken curry (also from Dish)
Fri - friends bringing takeaways for fun and we're having a card making night
Sat - taking pizza bases to a casual 3-yr-old's birthday party
Sun - corned beef(?) not sure... depends on the weather


  1. Looks like a nice week of meals there Penny!

    Wow ... 36 and living at home ... I definitely couldn't do that!!

  2. so brats on buns now you have to shar that lol as I had a pictire of two children on buns ;-O

    Oh had to giggle at the sister and her car problems, and the fact she bought a new one.....

  3. I read your comment on my blog about the whole wheat flour. If I go to the store do I look for high grade or strong flour? Do I get the same nutrients as whole wheat flour?

  4. Can't imagine still living at home at 36... although the opportunity to save heaps of money is appealing LOL

    Love the sound of the smoked chicken and melon salad YUM!!

  5. Now I thought I could come to your place for dinner on Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday and.... ok well youget the picture lol. Sounds yummy but yes do need to know more about the brats.