Saturday, November 17, 2007

Flaunt it Friday

themommykelly's theme for this week is : From the desk of...
I've taken a photo of two desks.

Firstly, the computer desk. I time share this with DH. I get it during the day. He gets it in the evenings! ;-) At least, that's how it mostly works out. That's his big mother printer to the left. Yes we have 2 screens. Yes I am married to a mad photographer husband. The scanner is up on the shelf above. The film scanner in the cubby on the right. Let me repeat... I am married to a mad photographer! LOL! But it does have it's benefits - the printer for one because I can print my own photos and in any size I please. I also get to use DH's photos if mine aren't worthy.

The other desk I use is my scrapbooking corner. This is in my bedroom.

I am afraid I am just not a very tidy person.

What can I say... it's like an artist's palatte. I like to have all my stuff spread out so I can see what I'm using. us yours?


  1. TFS! I'm completely in love with your scrapbooking desk. I'm the exact same way, I like everything spread out! I'm asking for a small desk to put in my bedroom so I can use it for scrapbooking. I don't get around to it much because I hate having to pull it all out and put it all back! :)

  2. Love your spaces, Penny. Whatever gets the creativity flowing is most important! I am jealous of all your photographic enhancing stuffs! Thank God you have a crazy photographer husband, I'll bet you actually have pictures of you with your kids. Should I ever pass, my kids might think that they never had a mother for lack of my being in any photos! Ha.

    Thanks for playing!

  3. Spread out but I bet you know where it all is. I scrap on my DR table. A mess but an organized one!

  4. MomOnTheGo1:47 am

    It's important to keep the peace when you share a space and tidy helps with that, eh? My scrapbooking space looks a lot like yours, though, since I don't have to share that desk. Not that I was brave enough to take a pic of my scrapbooking space. You're braver than me.

  5. Huh - my desk is messier than that - but then I do all my scrapping on the computer :)

    Sadly my husband is nowhere near as useful as yours ("not a photo person" is a direct quote) so I guess I will just have to keep on improving .... :)

  6. I was going to join in this last week, but my desk was just too messy. It makes your look perfectly tidy!

  7. My desk is very, very messy. And the floor all around is also messy, since my office, the guest room AND the play room are one room (the smallest in our house). It's a total disaster.

    Thanks for sharing yours -- and thanks for coming by my blog!

  8. I'd have to tidy up before showing you my space!

  9. Hey... I like your space. I find it comforting to see others with the same lack of tidy workspace as myself.

    And how fun to see your comments on my blog! Hooray! Yes, crawling back from months of low to no communication - was just in too unhappy a space. But that's all overwith!

  10. So glad to see someone else who also loves creatice chaos around them *winks*