Tuesday, November 06, 2007

mischeif maker

Found Missy Moo getting into my handbag already!

And just for the sake of it I took a photo of my cookbooks - a collection which is gradually taking over my kitchen.


  1. She is so darn cute!

    I also have an enormous cookbook collection. Some of them I hardly use, but I can't bear to part with them. Someday I hope to have a great bookcase to display them on.

  2. Hehe, she looks pretty guilty!

    I have lots of cookbooks as well, and really should go through and get rid of some. The 3 cookbooks I use the most are my handwritten journal-style ones, 2 of them are full and I'm onto the 3rd. I write all my favourite recipes in there, even ones that are in other books, just so I always know where to look for them :-)

  3. My goodness, she is sooooo beautiful! Her caught in the act expression is priceless!

  4. See she is after your credit card already!!

    I have stacks of cookbooks - I call them food porn LOL

  5. Hhha, and just look at her wee face- classic!
    LOl about the food porn term;p That's one to remember.

  6. She is so pretty (like her momma!)

    I love cookbooks, I don't think a person can every have too many cookbooks, just not enough space to keep them.

  7. what a cute culprit! :)

    and what an extensive cookbook collection. i'm impressed.

  8. Missy Moo - I like that - we still sometimes call Cait that!

    And yes you can never have too many cookbooks. I recently donated about 20 old ones to a book fair and DH said "I thought you had got rid of some cook books?" He thought I hadn't as there are still so many left.