Friday, November 16, 2007

Tim's Birth Story

Tim's Birth Story
For the Birth story carnival hosted by greenstylemom Kristen

Tuesday 16th September,
Waters break while getting back into bed following a visit to the bathroom. I can’t sleep so get up and go into the lounge for a while.

Tuesday 16th September, approx. 2.30am:Contractions start irregularly at first, and not very close together. The Swiss ball helps to deal with the contractions, but I still can’t sleep.

Tuesday 16th September, 4.00am: Wake up DH to put on the TENS machine since the contractions are getting stronger and my back is hurting. Both of us are too excited to sleep now so Rod reads his magazine while I rock on the Swiss ball.

Tuesday 16th September, 9.00am: Contractions are coming regularly now, about 5 minutes apart and lasting for about 60 seconds. I ring B (my midwife) to tell her what is happening. I really would like to go to hospital now because I am feeling like it's getting out of control already and need the moral support but she persuades me to wait until 11.00am.

Tuesday 16th September, 11.00am: Arrive at the hospital. The nurse greets me by name which makes me feel welcome and we go into the delivery room where B waits. I am only 2cm dilated which I find disheartening since I had hoped to be further along.

The Swiss ball and TENS machine are helpful in dealing with the contractions, and I now start using the gas as well. B administers an IV with antibiotics since it is now 11 hours since my waters broke.

Time starts to blur from now on: 4cm dilation and starting to have real trouble dealing with the pain. I try the spa, it doesn’t help with pain relief. The pain is all in my back. B is concerned about my fluid levels so I am given some through the IV line. (I end up getting 5 bags of fluid). I try pethidine for the pain but it just makes me sleepy. Sometime after this the anaesthetist administers an epidural. My contractions aren’t coming as fast and as strong as B would like I am also given syntocin. I reach 9cm dilation and the epidural is wearing off on one side, so I have a “re-insertion”.

Tuesday 16th September, 11.50pm: Fully dilated. More antibiotics administered which makes me vomit – or maybe it’s the gas since I’m onto my second cylinder. I start trying to push the baby out. It is hard work, and I can’t feel anything to help me know if I am getting anywhere. Firstly B wants me on my back with legs up by my chest but that is so uncomfortable I ask to change. I lean over the elevated bed head and try that way. It's better but I can't feel a thing and B keeps telling me not to bend my hand because of the cannula in it. So annoying!

I keep thinking B is lying to me when she says that there is something happening, even when she uses a mirror to show me the top of the head which has dark hair! I push for about an hour and then run out of strength and motivation. I'm so hot and fling off the hospital gown to be naked. The obstetrician is RK called and appears beside my bed wearing white gumboots! I'm so glad to see him even though I'm starkers and not in the most charming position.

Finally things are set up and RK uses the ventouse. I push and he pulls. Part way through he says "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to make a cut". My heart sinks because I wanted to avoid this but by this stage my main concern is to get this baby out!!! Finally with one last push our baby is born by ventouse delivery at 2.19am Wednesday 17th September. The reason for the long labour, inefficient contractions, and my difficulties pushing is revealed – he is completely posterior. His cord is loosely around his neck and slips off easily - a long cord according to B. He starts crying almost immediately without any need for suctioning. His APGAR scores are 8 and 10.

The nurses lay him on my tummy and I savour the strange feeling of the baby outside my stomach! I lift him up to see if we have a boy or a girl and tell DH that “It’s Timothy!” And then he poops on me. Nice!

Timothy Royston Dugmore

Born: 17th Sept 2003 (EDD: 25th Sept)

Weight: 3.43kg (7lb 9oz)

Length: 51 cm

Head circumference: 33cm

Just born - his poor mis-shapen head from the ventouse is quite obvious

Tim and Mum the next day... I look as awful as I feel! But his head is now round although still bruised. He had fairly bad jaundice and nearly had to go under the lights but fortunately his numbers stabilised.


  1. Wow, what a cool story, good that you have got it down in writing, I really should do the same thing. Poor bubba, that head looks terrible, although it's nice to see a day later he looks much better.

  2. I totally got a kick out of him pooping on you right off the bat!

    That's blackmail material for the teenage years, I tell ya! :)

  3. Anonymous5:48 am

    Oh, Penny, beautiful. What an amazing birth story. Thank you for sharing it! On to the next one....

  4. My heart always does a gulp when I read apgar scores. Elliot's were 9 and 10. Cait's were.... 1 and (10 mins later) 2. Absolutely hand-on-heart true. 12 years later why is she so clever? The child that shouldn't have been. Thank you for the reminder that she is so special (and you didn't even realise you were doing that, did you?).

    Love your birth stories.

  5. Oh I love reading birth stories, something so special about them and of course always brings back memories of my sons birth. Thanks for sharing :)