Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A 4 year old observes

DS has some amusing little ideas. Having discussed about where fluid gets stored and then comes out into the toilet he now tells me that there is a tank inside him. Or several it seems.

DS: Mummy, my juice tank and water tank are full but my milk tank needs milk! Can I have cold fridge milk?

Changing DD's nappy he observes and then asks, "Where's her wee thing?" So I gesture in the general direction.... "She's a girl so she doesn't have one like you."

Driving along he sees a rottweiler being walked (from behind).

DS: I can see a bottom!
Me: What!? Oh... a dog's bottom.

Driving along he tells me from the back seat "That man has no clothes on!"
Me: Where!? Where!?
Long-suffering-husband: Settle down, he's just got his shirt off.
Me: Rats!


  1. hehe
    I can't wait for William to start saying more interesting things. He's only 17months so he's just putting words together.

    His LONGEST string so far is
    "Momma please more momma more more pleeeese"
    This was when he discovered the goodness of Freddo Frogs.

    He's really into "more...." like when we are in the car he says "More bus", "more Digger" or "more truck" as if his 'all powerfull' parents can make these things appear outside the car.


  2. Oh Penny...what cute little moments. Aren't theyfunny, the things they say lol!!

  3. Hahahahaha!!
    SUCH a cool age!

    Did he REALLY say "settle down" to you? That's freakin' hilarious!

  4. Heh - Hannah it was DH who said settle down ;)

  5. So funny and cute, had to laugh out when I read the milk tank one and tsk tsk Penny where you hoping for an exhibitionist?;p Loved your DH comment, settle down;p hahaha

  6. Now this has the makings of an album......

  7. I love it! My DD is just now getting to the point where she says funny things like that regularly.

    I especially like the tank concept. That has potential!!

  8. Well, I have terrible observation skills, don't I? I didn't even notice it was your DH ... I was just reading away thinking all the conversations were you and your DS. Still very very funny tho!

  9. Oh those are cute. I love the last one - can just see you whipping round to find the naked man lol

  10. Oh man, you're son is hilarious! I can't wait until River starts saying such cute, funny things.

    I especially like the different "tanks." Now that takes creativity.

  11. LOL - it is all very interesting at that age :)

  12. LOL. cute! Kaya has taken to saying 'look mam that man has tiny little pants on' very loudly whenever he sees a man in shorts hehe. i dont have a hugabub, just a 4m strip of cotton knit.
    My friend wears her 14 months old on her back so next time i see her i will p[hotograph the steps. i think Arlo is nearly big enough to go over too.

  13. Ahhhhhh, very cute. LOL!

  14. Anonymous4:02 am

    So sweet! They certainly do add alot of humor to our lives, don't they?

  15. I love it, Penny! Those are hilarious!

  16. ROFL - too funny :)
    very observant, isn't he?

  17. Very cut and great that you've now written it down. Even though you think you'll remember that stuff forever my experience is that you don't. Love it