Friday, November 23, 2007

Beach Babes

Visited Cornwallis on Friday. Gorgeous morning despite the clouds around. Water was a bit cold though. I did get in and under... briefly! LOL!

It was good to have my sister along to help with the children. There was a lot of sand digging and contructing by DS; much eating of sand/shells and destroying of said sand constructions by DD. :-) I wonder if she was trying to get her iron intake up from the iron sand. heh heh.

A duck came and sat on our blanket. LOL!

DD is at the stage when hats do not stay on. So despite me slathering around 30+ sunblock she managed to get pinkified. Bad Mother Award to me.

It was so nice to sit near the gently lapping waves and absorb the seascape. There were hardly any other folks there. The fish were jumping 3 metres away from us and DS was fascinated by the Black Backed Gull leaping up and then diving to catch them.
I do love the beach. There was a time when I seriously intended to be a marine biologist and could identify (and name in latin) at least 5 species of barnacles.

No more. But I do maintain a deep fascination for the marine environment.


  1. Looks like a gorgeous day at the beach. You are brave to get in the water!

  2. LOL - was the sand tasty do you think?

  3. Anonymous5:25 pm

    The beach is awesome all over the world, I see. What is it about the ocean that is sooooo fascinating?

    The baby is gorgeous! Don't feel guilty about the hat. I can never get my little one to keep her's on either.

    How many species of barncles are there?! Ahhhhhhh!! I am so ignorant when it comes to that kind of stuff.

  4. What beautiful pictures! It looks like a fun time was had by all... I especially like the eating sand picture! Perfect!

  5. Penny, that looks like an amazing day at the beach! Isn't it amazing how a water shore can entertain kids for hours?!?

  6. what a beautiful day. (sigh - i'm missing the warm weather right about now.) LOL at the sand eating pic.

  7. Oh loving the summery feel of these beach photos!