Monday, January 30, 2012

Pie Odyssey #2

I was so tempted to use the word "horny" in the title for this post but refrained in the interests of good taste.  However, you'll know that I thought it anyway so perhaps I should just admit to my gutter brain right here and now.

The pie adventure continues with my choice of the Desperate Bikers Pie.  Kylie, or at least Michael made theirs already.

I was attracted to this pie because of the cow horn decorations which seemed to me like Viking horns. Did Vikings eat pie?

I admit that this recipe was more involved than the last.  First you make the filling which is a casserole of meat, veges, tomatoes and some herbs. So you start with onions and garlic and proceed in a casserole direction.  It's almost a complete meal.  You just need to add some green vegetable to round out the dinner.

It was about now I realised that I wasn't going to finish the pie for that evening's dinner, so had to quickly make a decision about an alternative.  I had read the recipe through and started earlier than normal, but I didn't factor in cooling time for the filling.

It makes a huge amount and I don't have a 2L pie pan (watch this space) so I made 2 pies - one to freeze.  (Hooray for no cooking night down the track)!  I even "knocked up" (it's not what you're thinking) the pastry as per the instructions.

Then for the ..uh.. horns   You wrap pastry around tin foil.  The children found this bit most intriguing.  They get inserted at the end.

Bon appetit!

And here is a hungry Viking ready to eat it.  Mr8 suggested an Obelix costume might be appropriate too!

The verdict - yum!  All participants liked the pie - Mr8 and DH had two pieces. 

They're horns okay?  No really.. they are.


  1. LOL your horns were better than ours ....

  2. lol st your gutter brain. I have to say your "horns" look good. And even better getting two pies out of it, do that you can have a cooking free night down the track. I must admit I did wonder about the foil.......

  3. Looks yum! Love the horns :-)

  4. hehehee Nice one. And that pic of R is great ;-)