Monday, January 02, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Books and Dinners

My attempt at photographing the library books I borrowed this year failed sadly.  I did manage to some of the books I planned to from my list:
  1. Water for elephants / Sarah Gruen
  2. The Thirteenth Tale / Diane Setterfield
  3. Three Cups of Tea / Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin 
  4. The Secret Life of Bees / Sue Monk Kidd
  5. Outliers / Malcolm Gladwell 
  6. And then there's this : how stories live and die in viral culture / Bill Wasik. 
  7. Strength in What Remains / Tracy Kidder 
  8. The 10pm Question / Kate De Goldi
  9. Year of magical thinking / Joan Didion
  10. Her fearful symmetry / Audrey Niffenegger  
  11. Atonement : a novel / Ian McEwan.
  12. Blindsight / Maurice Gee
I think I'll not make a list of "must read this year", but I'd love to hear any recommendations you have all the same.

I've decided to do a 365 photo project again - this time I'm doing dinners, i.e. what I eat for dinner for a year.  It could be rather revealing - not in a good way perhaps - I know I eat too much, but it also could be interesting from a seasonal point of view.  I imagine there will be some constant appearances of particular dishes!  I know some people will think I'm nuts... but that's nothing new.

Herewith is dinner for January 2nd 2012.

While downloading my photos I see that the kids have been busy with the camera too.  Check out their choice shots!

Grandad having a snooze by the Christmas tree...

Focus on the minifigs... or not focussed as the case might be.

Miss4 portrait with cheesy grin.

I quite like this one in a blurry sort of way.

Gran left holding all Miss4's babies.

So - onward with 2012.


  1. Love the kids photos! So what was your dinner?

  2. Dinner looks delicious. It's a great idea but I'm too scared as you may see packets of chips as my dinner! LOL.

    Instead I'm doing (and scrapping) project 365.

  3. Pics the kids took are cool (especially of the grandparents hehee)

  4. I love the photos your kids took. Reminds me of the time I gave Mr 4 the camera and told him to go take photos, he'll regret it when I show the photos he took, at his 21st, a certain photo of his nether regions might cause a bit of embarrasment.

    Yikes, I could never do dinner photos, that would put me to shame, but I will be following yours with interest!