Sunday, January 22, 2012

A is for apple pie

Kylie and I are having a little fun with the Hairy Biker's pie book Perfect Pies.  We're going to work our way through the book and jointly try the pies we choose to make.

The first one Kylie chose was the Perfect Apple Pie.  I made it today. Obviously it contains apples.  The recipe calls for Bramley apples but I used Grannys because I had them.  I think I've seem Bramley's for sale up at the orchards but it's not apple season yet.

The pastry recipe was a straight forward sweet short crust. I made it in my food processor with the dough cutter blade - it does a good job of cutting in the butter.  Then I turned it out into a bowl to briefly knead together before chilling while I got the apples ready.

The recipe differs from the way I'd normally do the filling in that it mixes sugar, cornflour and cinnamon together, and then tosses the apples in it.  I'd usually just bung in the apples and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of it.  No matter.

Here's the pies with their pastry all rolled and ready to go.

And voila! The finished product.

Mr8 gave it 10 stars, DH gave it 8-9/10. Miss5 was too full from dinner to try it, she wants it for breakfast. I thought it was pretty good.  It's possible the Bramley apples would have softened more than the Grannys which would have been an improvement.  The pastry was crunchy and light.

We served it slightly warm with cream and vanilla ice cream.


  1. It was so tasty I had some, and am about to have more ..... :-)

  2. yum that looks mighty fine....looking forward to reading more of your pie recipe challenges.

  3. Looks wonderful I love pies - I think I will get that book :)

  4. Looks delish to me!