Monday, January 30, 2012

Railway developments: a guest post from Mr8

[DH has progressed with the basement model railway.  He modified his previous plan for a folding up base on table legs, to one attached to the concrete bricks and ceiling so that the trailer can be stored under the table.  Of course, the project hasn't been totally smooth sailing.  He's had issues with trains coming off the rails, switches not working properly and laying the ballast.  Fortunately, there are plenty of people online who post Youtube videos and to forums about potential solutions and some progress has been made.  The following is Mr8's blog post.]

The track is half-ballasted.  Dad has painted the table.  He has made an upper level.

I am moving the carriages along the track.

This is ballast and rail paint by the switch.

This is ballasted track.


  1. Great progress, looking forward to reading more updates as things progress Master T. Did you help dad with the ballast on the track? or did dad do that??

    1. Tim says - "I did help him with the first bit. Dad did the rest".