Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Woohoo Wednesday

Your post today is to shout Hooray
About the good stuff in your day
Janine's meme is the theme
Here's my list, you'll see what I mean...

My biggie woohoo is I have won a kit from SBO in a challenge draw! I am totally stoked about this! Now go and order lots of stuff from Andrea.... hee hee hee!

I am anxiously waiting for the sweet sound of the courier. It's a bit of a bummer that the neighbour is a courier driver and every time he comes home I think there is something for me... *hums: The Wells Fargo wagon is a comin' down the street so please let it be for me!!!*

My second big woohoo is that the most excellent Tamar from Tarisota Collections is sending my Mum an Addiction collection for Mother's Day because I mentioned her in an entry on her Mother's Day giveaway post.

3rd: DH is still on vacation so it's nice to have him around. :)
4th: Shell is sending me a RAK. :) I am a lucky chicky!
5th: My tooth is still not hurting. It has to last until the 30th when I will be emptying out my wallet at the dentist to have a root canal. I had to go to the emergency dentist on ANZAC Day to get it looked at and he put in a temporary dressing so we could have a vacation. So far it's holding up. x-fingers.

And just so you know that DH truly is a better photographer than me here are some of his so called "feeble offerings".
Waitonga Falls
Tawhai Falls
Blue Duck

He won't toot his own trumpet so I'm doing it for him.


  1. Congrats on winning the kit!
    LOL at having a courier driver next door ... I think I would hate that!

  2. wow you did good Penny,lots of luck in your house!! I thought you must have won a Kit and how cool your mum is getting an addiction kit from Tarisota. I like your husbands photos gosh that community is very good at feedback too. Some great suggestions there. Thanks for playing.

  3. Great WooHoos :-) and fab photos from DH. I need to invest in a tripod I think. Love the water effect ... shaky hands don't give quite the same effect!!!

  4. Lucky you are indeed! Congrats how fun!

    Thanks for sharing Dh's photo's all I can say is... wow. Ok, I can say more, simply breath taking.

  5. Forgot to say nice new header! :-)

  6. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Lots of woohoo's and luck going on at your place this week. Yay for winning a SBO kit and Yay for your Mum getting something from Tarisota!
    Thanks for sharing DH's photos, he really is a very good photographer!

  7. Oh how cool winning a kit. I think living next door to a courier would so annoy me (or me him lol)
    Great photos taken by your hubby too - love that wee duck.

  8. just wanna know if you could email me some sracpbooking email is

  9. My big WooHoo is that you taught me all about cloth nappies! Thank you!

  10. Great photos from your hubby, Penny

  11. Lucky you winning a kit! Hope the real courier arrives soon - false alarms must be so frustrating. Love your hubbies photos specially the Tawhai Falls one.

  12. Trina5:56 pm

    Wow, what a great winning time you're having! WTG!!!!! Thats very exciting.

    BTW, love your DH's photos. Really amazing.

  13. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Congrats on winning the kit, the other kit and and, come on rub my elbow and rub off some luck on me;p

    Wow your DH takes amazing photos, love them!!!

  14. Well done Penny on your streak of winning :-)
    Congratulate DH for me on his beautiful photos. I sent the links on to my parents who are huge naturephiles (is that a word?) and they think the photos are amazing too.

  15. Anonymous1:42 am

    Girl, you certainly have alot to whoo-hoo about! I'm over here whoo-hooing for you!

    Your addiction with the delivery guy is like my mom's with the UPS man. So funny!

    Yo, yo! Toot away on Hubby's horn all you like - the man is a FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHER! Um, that horn part didn't come out exactly the way I planned, but I'll leave it anyhow!

  16. Love Rod's photos - great. And my Mum is getting an Addiction kit too -isn't Tamar nice? (And aren't we nice for nominating our Mums!)

  17. Congrats on the prize!! And you can't call him the mad photographer any more - fab photos by your other half. How cool he saw a blue duck!!

  18. What a cool post! Love all the wooohoos - and what fantastic photos your hubby took - magnificent.