Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some lists

I had better do my own versions of these lists! I am enjoying reading yours - keep them coming :-)

Splendid Things
  • Sunset on the beach
  • A little hand sneaking into mine
  • Hearing somebody is getting married after being single for a long time (yay for PS!)
  • Love
  • Mt Ruapehu when the clouds disappear from it and it's got snow all over it
  • Lydia's giggle

Things that make one's heart beat faster
  • Discovering the bank account is in overdraft
  • Opening the door to find JW's on the door step
  • Hearing DH's car come into the driveway
  • Getting a box of scrapping goodies
  • Waiting for a pregnancy test to display 2 lines, or ... not (I'm talking about PAST experience here *pokes out tongue*)
  • Smelling DH's aftershave when he's been away for a while
Things that should be large
  • My coffee in the morning
  • Chocolate bars
  • Boxes of scrapping goodies
  • Love
  • My coffee in the evening
  • Holidays
  • Pillows
Awkward things
  • Visiting a rest home and seeing a senile elderly lady calling out for help
  • Wanting to know if my kit will come soon but not wanting to hassle anybody about it because of the circumstances
  • Trying to shave legs in the shower especially when pregnant
  • Asking someone to babysit
  • Talking to someone and noticing they have something odd about their features but trying not to look at it


  1. Great list Penny ... working on mine, hope to post it later today. Who's PS?? No probs with the RAK :-) Hope you can use the stuff. Cheers R

  2. Great lists, Penny. I can relate to many of the things you have listed (except coffee, I hate coffee!)

  3. That was cool reading your lists. Love the bit about your hubbys aftershave

  4. Anonymous5:04 pm

    like your list! List are good.

  5. Loved the lists and nodding. Like you I felt awkard chasing up an order but I did and it arrived this morning (from the same place as yours I suspect).

  6. I love your lists! And with some I would have to agree - coffee, aiting for parcels

  7. hmm,
    Splendid things...
    Blog comments ;)
    new books that turn out to be your favourite kind of book
    unexpected kisses, from little and big people
    old friends
    new friends
    reminicant smells

    making my heart beat faster....
    editing photos and finding 'the shot'
    the moment you realise you cant see or hear your child
    seeing someone youd rather not hehe

    things that should be large

    my favourite books, they always end too soon
    babies thighs

    awkward things

    saying no
    ...people are going to hate me for this one but i find it really hard to be around people who leave their babies to cry or only feed on makes me so so uncomfortable to hear a baby so obviously in need thinking it has been abandoned..just being honest ;)

  8. Your lists are great! I've been trying to compose mine but haven't got there yet - will keep working on it.

  9. Anonymous7:07 am

    Cool lists, I can see myself in quite a few points there!
    Oh and happy belated bloganniversary!

  10. Oh I remember trying to shave when pregnant - nightmare!