Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holiday Antics

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Enjoy the show! I've captioned the photos so you know where and what they are. Naturally, DH's 286 photos are far superior to mine, but they don't have people in them. :-)

Even though the weather turned to custard the week we were away *aside: this always happens to us* we managed to do quite a bit. DS managed to complete two 2 hour walks so we were very proud of him. Towards the end of the week though he was saying, "No more walks Daddy okay? No more walks." So on Friday we stayed back at the bach and I caught up with an old school friend who lives in the area.

I managed to lose another kilo - yay for me! Only 3 more to go before I reach my goal.

We stayed in Turangi in a bach from the Holiday Houses website. It was a good little bach, very simple but served the purpose. Most days we spent out and about in Tongariro National Park. DH had several places he wanted to photograph - most of them involving water and streams. The Mangetepopo tragedy was rather high in my mind but fortunately most of the places he went were not in the risky category.

We visited the Tree Trunk Gorge, Pillars of Hercules, Waikato Falls, Taranaki Falls, Mangawhero Falls, Waitonga falls (where Gollum eats the fish from the Forbidden Pool in LOTR) as well as Lake Rotopounamo and Lake Rotokura. I really wanted to have a swim in the hot pools at Tokaanu but we didn't get time.

DH did a lot more on the Friday and one morning when I stayed back with children at the bach. However, he did lose his lens cap in the Rangipo Desert which caused me to taunt him with this:

In the Rangipo Desert
Covered in sand
Lies a languishing lens cap
Dropped by Rod's hand

Alas for the lens cap
For now it is lost
Rod'll have to replace it
At significant cost.

I might add that this is not the first lens cap/piece of photographic equipment that he has lost or forgotten to pick up or dropped off the side of a precipice.


  1. This all sounds so gorgeous! We dream of vacation, but somehow it seems harder to pack up and leave than just to flop out in the backyard and pick daisies. Someday when our toddler grows a bit, or we get more sleep, we shall brave a trip!

  2. Great photos ... you are sooooo slim! :-) Good on you. Like the poem! hee hee How many LO's does this holiday need huh? :-)

  3. I can only see the first half a dozen photos (for some reason) ... but they are great! It sounds like a wonderful holiday. Well done to your little guy, managing to do those hikes!
    Bummer about the lens cap - but that was a great poem!

  4. hey that was cool thanks for sharing, wow you were pretty busy with all that walking. BTW I want to know who looks glamerous anyway when they go tramping?? well done on that weight loss.

  5. Great photos, great stories, great poem and great weight loss (while on holiday - be proud!).

    You would get on well with my mother - she managed to drop a bottle of my perfume from a bathroom window while visiting and left me a poem "I regret to advise, of the demise, of Oscar de la Renta. Who failed to survive a two storey dive..." it went on!

  6. Cool slideshow! I am always losing my lencaps - luckily managed to find it again so far. Loved the poem :)

  7. Beautiful photos. It looks like a great time. I love, love, love the silhouette of Rod & Tim!

  8. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Love teh slideshow! Looked like a great holiday break to me.
    WTG on the weightloss you're really doing great!
    LOl about the lens cap, aww isnt teasin ever so much fun!

  9. Anonymous1:46 am

    Um, excuse me, Mama, but you are one darn good photographer yourself! I could just feel the calmness and holidayness of that there holiday! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW the photo without the flash... love the effect. Wouldn't have it any other way!

  10. Loved reading about your trip and viewing your slide show!