Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flaunt it Friday: Summer delights

Well this one is a kind of nostalgic post since we're going into winter here... but mommykelly's theme for this week is what is your summer favourite.

  • Beach - not that I get to go there much. DH isn't a sit-on-the-beach person.
  • Holidays - these always seemed so much longer when I was a kid. What happened!?
  • The scent of hot grass, asphalt, freshly washed and air dried sheets
  • T-shirts and airy summer clothes
  • Bare feet - I suffer from cold feet, but not in summer. I hardly ever wear shoes unless I have to go out.
  • Cicadas singing
  • Sunday afternoon naps with the window open and breeze coming through
  • Long summer evenings - bbqs, working in the garden
  • Summer fruit and vegetables!! Yay!
What is your favourite? Join the meme here.


  1. Penny, your summer delights are delightful! I'm a barefoot kinda girl myself, only all year long, even in the cold!

    Yes, holidays did seem much longer as a child and everything more intensely enjoyable. It must have something to do with the bliss of innocence.

  2. Oh this is perfect since we are just entering summer here...I love the long summer days too...

  3. I hate wearing shoes too! And I love the beach, and BBQs.