Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

So far so good with the fortnightly shopping!

Monday - sausages with lentils, mashed potato, carrots
Tuesday - pumpkin risotto, rocket & lettuce (from my garden) salad, roast capsicums. Apple-custard tea cake for dessert (which I made last week and froze so I hope it's ok).
Wednesday - sweet and spicy chicken thighs in the crockpot, rice, steamed carrots
Thursday - fishcakes, silverbeet (from my garden), something else yet to be decided
Friday - roast chick and the usual roast dinner things
Saturday - Corn and bacon chowder, home made bread
Sunday - home made meat pie plus some veges

My baking this week will include these Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate chip Cookies which promoted on her site last week. I'm a sucker for "oaty" things. And chocolate things. And oaty chocolate things together.

Kristen asked for the corned beef recipe so here it is! The only way to do corned beef! (IMO anyway).

Corned Beef or Pickled Pork
serves 6-7
from The New Zealand Crockpot Cookbook by Joan Bishop pg. 85

1.5kg corned beef, brisket, silverside or pickled pork
6 whole cloves
2 bay leaves
1 T wine vinegar
1 T raw sugar (I use brown sugar.)
hot water

Pre-heat the crockpot for 20 mins
2. Place meat in the pot with the cloves, bay leaves, vinegar, raw sugar and hot water to just cover meat.
3. Cover and cook on low/auto for 8-10 hours
4. Remove and slice. Serve with carrots, cabbage and potatoes.

DH likes it with just plain mustard but I'm rather fond of Mustard Sauce (from that NZ institution, the Edmonds Cookery Book, pg 165)

1 egg
2 T sugar
1 T flour
2 t dry mustard
1 cup water or liquid the corned beef was cooked in
1/4 cup malt vinegar
salt and pepper

Beat egg and sugar together. Put into a saucepan. Add flour and mustard. Stir in water and vinegar gradually. Cook over low heat until mixure thickens. Season with salt and pepper. Add more sugar if necessary. Makes 1 1/2 cups.


  1. That sounds so good Penny, I must post my menu for this week. I have a very similar recipe for corned beef and for mustard sauce :-) maybe we'll have that next week, it's a big favourite with us both.

  2. You go girl with the fortnightly shopping :-) Nice you can have your salad and greens from your garden - a great feeling that.

  3. oh the sweet and spicy chicken sounds delicious..have a great week...