Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One reason I love being a librarian

is stories like this one.

Thank heavens for the book people who show the way

I particularly like:

"I've been thinking about you," she said. She reached underneath her desk as if she was hiding a time bomb, but instead pulled out three books rubber-banded together with a note that had my name on top.

"This," she began in a whisper, palming the first cover as if she was touching the hood of James Bond's car, "is an adventure you will never forget until the day you die."

Her choices were a wonder. She had read me perfectly.

I love being able to do this. It is one of the most gratifying parts of librarianship. Being able to guide people to undiscovered lands and point out the possibilities.

I don't just mean with fiction either. My favourite aspect of librarianship is working with seekers of information, something prosaically entitled "reference librarianship". Helping people to find treasure troves of information hidden within the sandy mass of the bibliographic beach.

That's why I love being a librarian.

Now if only I could find some position that would allow me to do it again.


  1. that was a fab article to read thanks for sharing, I hope something turns up for you soon. We need more like you Peny.

  2. Anonymous7:05 am

    Great article and so true. I have one librarian in our local library and she's a bit like that and it's amazing how she makes me feel. Unlike all the other librarians I am looking out for her ( she's not always in) and know her to be a true treasure, the way her recommendations have enriched my life. So special, as are you , I so hope you find that job your wanting Penny!

  3. You are clearly very good at it too!

  4. I so agree.

    Our school librariran has adpoted Mr 8 (after many discussions about books with Mr 8's Mum!). Yesterday he came with 2 library books.

    "Hey, E, you chose 2 great books".

    "No, Mum, I chose one and my friend Mrs McGee(librarian) had saved the other BRAND NEW one just for me"!

    I love that.

  5. Pity there's no spell check!

  6. Hmmn. Do they make librarian dust? If so, have some! I hope the right place nabs you up soon, Penny.