Monday, May 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Got my last copy of Dish (the sub runs out and I'm not renewing to save some $) so I'm making some dishes from this issue and others for the next 2 weeks.

Monday- Beef goulash with parsley dumplings, carrots, cabbage
Tuesday - Toad in the hole with ale roasted onions, salad
Wednesday - Pasta with pumpkin, pine nuts and rocket sauce
Thursday - Mac & Cheese, some sort of green vege
Friday - Chicken and Olive tagine, couscous, Iman Bayildi
Saturday - French onion soup, cheese tartlets
Sunday - Lamb cutlets with white beans and gremolata, rice, sauteed spinach


  1. Anonymous9:43 am

    I've never made toad in the hole before, is the batter a bit like yorkshire pudding kinda thing?

    Funnily enough we're having sausages tonight.

  2. I love reading your menu plans...ale roasted onions, care to share on that.

  3. Your menu plan always makes me feel so disorganised!! Great meals :-) Anyway you have reminded me to get something out of the freezer! So better go see what's there to choose from.

  4. I make a mini toad in the hole... it's in muffin tins - a sophie gray idea...

    hate it when subs run out.

  5. Oh Yum! Yes I'd also like those ale roasted onions