Monday, March 30, 2009

Amazing Scrapping Race: Day 2 PNG Entry & Day 3 China

This is my entry for Day 2 of Scrapbook Outlet's Amazing Scrapping Race. The layout had to use the Papua New Guinea flag for inspiration.

I managed to upload the small version to my Flickr stream so it's hard to see the detail. The title is Family in Christ. These are some special people who I consider family even though we don't share DNA. I realised when looking at the photos (taken 2006 and 2008) that 3 of the folks pictured are no longer on earth.

And I'm pregnant in the top photo and DD has arrived by the lower photo.

*Faces blurred for privacy*

Day 1 (Canberra: Aussie Scrap Source) layout is done, but I need to take a decent photo of it.

Day 3 is China and we need to make our own embellishment - not too hard, but not sure I'll manage to get it done tonight since I have to do grocery shopping... unless I can sneak in an online order with Woolworths somewhere today. ;-)

Edited to add: well my Day One LO is a dead loss since I used Bazzill which ASS doesn't have so here it is for China since I did some simple hand made embellishing on it. There is some strange gunk on the left hand photo which I tried to get off but couldn't so I'll have to scan it and re-print it once I get some photo paper.


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Really love this layout Penny! Did you hand cut all those flowers??

  2. Both neat LO's Penny ... hehehe at the pic of you and R 10 years ago :-) You young things! :-)
    1st photo reminds me that I should do something with all my photos like that! :-) Don't think I have ever scrapped one. Shame on me.

  3. Strange gunk ... thought that only happened to me! They are both fabulous layouts. Love the swirly bits and the way you've done the title in the family one.

  4. Haha, re. the gunk. We find a lot of that in strange places around here too.

    Love both your layouts.

    Now what programme do you use to blur the faces?

  5. Love your layouts - the PNG one in particular for the colours & embellishments, etc. So striking.