Monday, March 09, 2009

cute things they say + make your own tartan

DD is coming along with her vocab and sentence making. She copies things we say - it's like there is an echo in the house sometimes.

With her face right up close to mine while I'm resting with my eyes closed she says in a big loud voice:
"Mummy seeping!" not anymore baby, not anymore..

Em, those little figurines from William's party now live in the dolls house, and get taken to bed on occasion which resulted in:

"Bob anna Wenny in bed!" (Bob and Wendy in bed!)
DH in the background: Naughty Bob!

DH had some music on:
"I yike mooscit" (I like music)

She knows most of the names of her little playmates at daycare.
Sheeta (Ashita)
Baco (Paco)
Yiza (Eliza)
and also her teachers
Yinda (Linda)
Heada (Heather)
Manyo (Manjo)

It's funny to listen to the two kids play together. DD bosses her around a bit and controls the "game" but she certainly can make her opinions felt. The other day she annoyed DD, so he said to her, "I'm going to cross you off my list!"

I hope I'm still on his list. ;-)

Now to something completely different.

I subscribe to a blog called Popgadget, a blog about tech for women. Actually they have more stuff than that, but I digress. Anyhow, the poster pointed me to Pattern Pulp, a blog about... you guessed it ... patterns, by a New York designer. Fun!

She pointed me to a Stripe Generator site where you can make your own stripey patterns.

And it links to a Tartan making site where you can make your own tartan and unleash your inner Scott. Och aye!


  1. Oh gorgeous, Penny. Her speak is really coming along alright!

    Our E is doing really well too. His current thing is "Oh my goodness -----(insert whatever has taken his fancy)"

    Must check out the Scottie site. Thanks for that :)

  2. "Her speech" I mean. Multi-tasking, ho-hum, haha

  3. Will's a non-stop chatterbox. We sometimes turn the radio off in the car on the way home to listen to William play in the back

  4. oh so hearing toddlers talking. I wonder what else you have to do to get crossed off the list lol

  5. LOL at T's list :-) hehehee
    And love L's little sayings. They sure are cute aye. Maddison's saying quite a few more words now. Oh Bobba is the latest one (bother!) :-)

  6. Naughty Bob indeed!! So amazing when they start communicating in actual words :)