Thursday, March 05, 2009

today's post is brought to you by the letter S

DS had a mufti-day yesterday with the required .50c "donation" and $1 sausage sizzle.  So I wrapped up his money and told him what it was for etc.  When I got home I asked him:

"So did you get a sausage today?"
DS: Yes
Me: So you gave the money to Miss B___?
DS: No
Me: Well how come you were allowed a sausage then?
DS: You can't have a sausage unless you have an 'S' on your hand.
Me: *giggles* Right... so Nan gave Miss B___ the money then?
DS: No, she gave it to the office. *found out later this wasn't true, she did give it to the teacher*
Me: And the office ladies wrote an 'S' on your hand?
DS: No, the office ladies don't know how to write 'S'
Me: LOL!

Slandered!  Those poor office ladies ;-)  So if you know how to write an S on your hand you can have a sausage.  Just thought that little tip might be helpful.
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  1. ROFL - classic!

    Thank you, Penny, reading this has made my day :)

  2. LOL. When we do the old sausage sizzle at school there are always some kids who have forgotten and didn't bring their $1. And they still get sausages because, hey, it's a sausage sizzle!

  3. Classic ... the poor office ladies! hehehe Ahh kids ... they crack me up with what they come out with sometimes.

  4. LOL, classic, no flies on him!

  5. Too cute and poor office ladies - are you going in to show them how to write and S?

  6. okay I am going to write and S on my hand and hit the sausage sizzle scene in the weekend. Just been catching on your prev blog posts. Love that dress that you smocked for Miss L, love the colour. I had a giggle at the lego. Oh you are fetching in those overalls.