Monday, March 16, 2009

Taking the opportunity

Home with a little girl who isn't well today, so I thought I would do a blog post!

Excuse the black frame+husband's watermark on the photos. I uploaded them without noticing he'd turned on some settings. *sigh* I can assure you they are my photos! Can't be bothered redoing them.

There has been a lot of jam making in our house. So far I've made 46 jars. Some of which I'll be sending to Jenny as soon as I find a suitable box! Others I've sold at work.

This is my entry to the Scrap the Boys March Challenge. Go here for more details.

Used the lovely Snorkel paper from Cosmo Cricket.

Also managed to do another layout (don't fall off your chair) using my strawberry paper and Stampin' Up strawberry stamp.

We've finished the painting of our room and the curtains are up. :) Very pleased with the end result thought we did encounter some problems. We discovered the enamel tint was too different from the wall paint although they were allegedly the same colour. So we had a choice buying another 4litre tin of the correct colour and redoing the 3 walls, or painting the outside of the wardrobes in the wall paint (inside with the enamel). I'm afraid we chose the cheaper lazier option. I had bought the paint in 2007 so it would have been no point returning it and asking for a refund etc. This photo is of the feature wall.


  1. Poor Lydia, I hope she feels better soon.

    Wow, 46 jars! That is a lot of jam! Impressive.

    Love the layouts, good on you for entering the Scrap the Boys challenge. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more NZ entries this time :-) That Snorkel paper is too cute.

  2. Hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery. I have to say I quite like days at home with sick children- as long as they are not too sick (just need cuddles and extra love and attention).
    Think your painted room looks just lovely.
    take care

  3. oh I like the look of that rich coloured feature wall, very nice indeed. Aww I hope Miss L feels better soon.

    I am impressed by the amount of jam you have made, you are a machine woman!!

  4. Isn't homemade jam so much yummier than the bought stuff!(And hoping Miss L is well soon - quite nice to have a day at home.)

    And oh how I wish our bedroom was looking as lovely as yours. One last wall to strip. We pulled off the dado boards (is that the right word) today and now I need a plasterer to skim to walls before I paint (oh and I have to strip the windows and french doors first - it's gonna be a while...)

  5. Ooh yummy jam - I can just see scones, jam and cream appearing soon.

    Love those l/os and I hope that Lydia gets better soon

  6. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Heck that's alot of jam!!!
    Fab layouts & I love the colour you have painted your wall :-)

  7. Love the walls in your bedroom, very classy....... and love, love, love the strawberry layout, it is so cool. Hope you had a nice day at home, despite the circumstances, and that little missy is feeling better, AND most importantly, doesn't share it.

  8. Well now, haven't you been a busy bee!!! 46 jars of jam!! Wow! Cool you been able to sell some :-) (pocket money for scrap stuff is it? LOL)
    Like both your LO's too. Very very nice indeed. The journalling tag on the snorkle paper is neat!
    Bedroom looks flash too! Yeah, I would have gone for the cheaper lazier option too heheee :-)
    Hope L feels much better soon.
    luv R

  9. hehe Wally here, mmmmmmmm home made jam nice.
    Love the strawberry LO and I hope your wee girly is better now

  10. Wow - that is a lot of jam! Love the feature wall - we have one a similar colour. Terrific layouts too - especially the strawberry one.