Friday, March 27, 2009

Far out! Awesome competition at SBO

Check it out!

The first prize is a chance to go to the Autumn Escape ... oh boy that would be awesome.

Even so - there are sure to be some great challenges for this one.

The Amazing Scrapping Race

Sounds like fun. I'm going to try and enter... not sure how I'll get on 'cause I'm no good at deadlines these days but we'll see.


  1. And you only need one ticket in to win!

  2. What a pity the fine print said you had to live in NZ! ;-) Oh well just as well, can't see them folking out for my tickets plus baby sitters for me to travel to NZ now can we ?!! heheheeee

    Good luck girl. I have checked out the forum but boys is it SLOW. I gave up and thought I might check it out when everyone is supposed to be sleeping in your end of the woods hehehee

  3. Funny thing...

    You know how you don't get the vampire thing
    I REALLY don't get the scrapbooking thing.
    To me it just looks like a fruity waste of time, like adding buckles and frills to an awesome lookin dress for all the wrong reasons. To me it detracts from your beautiful photos...

    Don't get me wrong... It's just not for me at ALL. Maybe I'm a purest or something.

    Then again... I've Never been one for anything but practical.
    Does that sentence even make sense?

    I guess I'm more artsy fartsy than artsy craftsy...