Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Day 4 France

La belle France... how I long to go there.

Day 4 of the Amazing Scrapping Race at SBO, and here is my attempt at 4 layers. :) The challenge for France was to get layering! (Note I said layering and not laid. Although you could do that too if you want. Just don't blog about it ok? Ta).

This is a blast from the past as DH said when he saw it. While we were courting we went on some bush walks including one to Fairy Falls in the Waitakere Ranges. Nothing has changed since we got married. We still do walks in the bush only now we have 2 sprogs following us and we're not quite as slender as DH is in this photo. Hee hee!

Can you tell I've run out of photo paper to print on? I'm scratching the bottom of the barrel in terms of photos to scrap on 12x12 at present. (Apart from old school class photos which are so hard to scrap nicely). I'm digging out the real old ones.


  1. Well done Penny on getting these l/os done. I hear you on being at work - not easy to get the fun things done

  2. Very cool, love the little scrolls! Have to give that a try, I think ... have been seeing it on a few layouts lately.

  3. very nice, like the i the scrolls!

  4. Love the scrolls- very cute

  5. That's cool Penny. I like your layering :-) giggle
    Hahaha at the blast from the past. I have some photos from our courting days of L that I would like to scrap, maybe for my book of me, but there's no way L would let me post them on the blog! LOL (he was way slim back then - we are talking like 20 years ago!) :-)
    Nice feeling though to get old photos scrapped isn't it. I am feeling very smug about what I have achieved with my photo pile over the last few days.