Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 6 & Day 8

Well, the deadline for layouts to be submitted to SBO's Amazing Scrapping Race has passed. It's been fun. :) I didn't manage all of the challenges but that is okay.

Here are the final two I did.
Day 8 (Japan) - went for the cutsey anthropomorphism of the kiwi fruit with the google eyes.

Day 6 (UK, use time or a clock):Trip to Australia

Don't like this one, but the photos were difficult to work with. I would have binned them were it not for the historical significance of a few of them. My parents emigrated to NZ a few months after they married so all our relatives are over in Australia. My paternal grandparents eventually came over here to live. This is one photo I have of their Australian house, my grandfather's gladioli's and their cat Millicent. My grandfather's beloved V8 car was actually shipped over here when they came. It was sold when he became too old to drive safely and I've seen it out here in our neighbourhood which amuses me greatly.

So totaling up my entries:

5 layouts = 5 tickets
plus one bonus ticket for doing more than 4 of the challenges = 1
bonus ticket for making comments in the gallery = 1
bonus ticket for answering Nic's question first = 1
blog entries = 3
Total raffle tickets: 11

It only takes 1.....


  1. Well done Penny, and as you say - it only takes one (for lots of things actually!!!) heheee

    I don't mind your 2nd LO. I agree though that those pics wld have been hard to scrap. But you did a fab job. Like the little tag in the top left. Very nice.

  2. Great work to achieve all of this! Good luck. Would love to see you there!

  3. Cool l/os Penn - I am on a bit of a heritage binge at the moment. You're right ... only one ticket and it's MINE!

  4. love the haritage layout, such an interesting story. I am not sure why you dont like it.

    Anyway well done on your entries, as you said it just takes one ticket. Good luck.

  5. Great layouts Penny!!! The Te Puke one is absolutely fabulous... LOVE the cute kiwifruit with the eyes :) Good luck!!

  6. Fab layouts Penny. I love the second one too, and see what you mean about the photos being hard to scrap, but you've done it well and what a fantastic memory kept :)

  7. Hi Penny :)

    The layout with the kiwifruit is very funky.

    I especially love your nostalgia layout. Gladioli, lol, so Australian...Dame Edna and all that.

    That is amazing that you have seen your Gdad's old motor out and about. Love it! Obviously for it to still be around the subsequent owner loves it as much as your Gdad did.