Thursday, October 09, 2008

Can hardly believe the evidence!

But I actually did some scrapbooking. And card making on International Card Making Day (Sat 4th Oct).

Tried to do some tricky modge podging + stencilly dots + glitter on this one but it didn't turn out exactly as I planned.

Used some funky stickers that Sandra kindly RAKed me with and some rub ons that Mel kindly RAKed me with too. :-)

Forgot to add the title before I took this photo. The blank space is for a larger photo I've got of him sitting at the front of the class with his special crown on. It's on the computer but I've run out of matte paper to print on. (DH has the matte black cartridge in the printer at present. Our next printer will have both matte and gloss because it's so annoying for both of us!).


  1. I love that photo of Miss L and her towel. So cute. Like your other layouts and wow at your cardmaking, you have been busy. Keep an eye out, will post some photos etc for you about SENZ.

  2. Well, the evidence never lies! Happy you've been able to scrap again. You certainly did make a lot of cards - go you!!

  3. You have been busy!

    What are you doing about Crissy cards with year? Will you use something from the National Library (ones you showed up the other day) or make your own?

    Oh, before I forget. Thanks for the link to Debbie does Edmonds, yesterday.

    That is so funny. Wish I knew about it sooner! Never mind, I can do some back reading hopefully on the weekend.

  4. Like your creations there :-) Love the colours in Tim's LO. Very cool.

  5. I love looking at your layouts, Penny. I was actually able to scrap for the first time in months this weekend. It felt so good! I'm so behind, though. I haven't even scrapped Savannah's 2nd birthday and she just had her 5th. :)

  6. You have been busy!! Love those cards. Also loved the photos of you from work - I wish I had taken more/some! Such a huge part of my life and almost nothing to remember it by. Love reading your book lists too. I am trying to return to reading. Hard to concentrate these days.

  7. awesome layouts Penny! Hey, where do you get the Matte photo paper from? Would be curious to find out - and do you need special ink to print on it too??