Monday, October 06, 2008

Flickr Goodness

While playing with MPOWs Flickr photostream I noticed that the National Library of New Zealand had added us as a contact.  This surprised me because I confess I see the National Library as a rather "staid" old bird.  So I went looking and I am so delighted to find that they are putting some of their photos on to Flickr!  Check out their photostream

I see that on some of their photos they write:

You are welcome to reproduce this photograph on your blog or another website. Please:

1. Maintain the integrity of the photograph (i.e. don't crop, recolour or overprint it)
2. Reproduce the photograph's caption information & link back to it here on Flickr.

We would like to know how you're using these images - send us an email with a link to your site.

If you would like to use this photograph in a different way (e.g. in a print publication) please contact us.

Isn't that way cool?

And one set they have intrigues my crafty side so I'm picking it out since it was International Card Making day on Saturday.  Christmas Cards.

4 cards and other ephemera items from the Turnbull Library's collections, including cards sent from the front during WWI and WWII.

The last 10 images in this set are e-card versions: either attach them to an email as they are, or use a image editor to put in your own message.

Last week and the weekend has flown by:
  • I made a few cards and a layout on Saturday but most of the day was busy with other things.  Sunday is never a "free" day for me being involved with church and suchlike but I did visit my grandma for about 10 minutes until she fell asleep on me and I decided to leave! LOL! 
  • My Dad had bowel surgery on Thursday but all is well and he is at home recovering.  He had a benign growth that needed removing as it always turns into cancer.  A good reason to have a regular colonoscopy once you reach a certain age group.
  • This morning we woke up and found there was no water coming out of the tap.  Actually, "we" means me stumbling into the shower and wrestling with the tap thinking I was going nuts when nothing came out.  We checked the meter and as we were shining the torch on it (in our dressing gowns) our neighbour drove by and said they didn't have any water either and they'd rung "the man".  So we had brekkie and went up to my mum's for our morning ablutions much to the kid's delight!  As I dropped some stuff off at home on the way back to work I noticed "the man" and a digger dealing with a great pool/gush of water outside a house down the street so must have been a main burst I guess.
Here's to a non-stinky day ahead!

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  1. Oh good news re. your dad, Penny!

    Yay, thanks for the heads up on this. Have been trying to track down the whereabouts of an old photo I found of my great grandfather in an old book. The publisher no longer exists and the book is of the vintage that it doesn't say where the photos were sourced from. But I was thinking either the Hocken (because the book is about early Central Otago settlers) or the National LIbrary.

    Will go and have a trawl through there later.

    Have a great week Penny. :)

  2. Not fun having no water. Glad your Dad is recovering

  3. I am pleased to hear your dad is okay and recoverimg from surgery. I loved those christmas card images.eeeks at the no water though. Love how the children thought it was a wee adventure.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Yes! Glad your Dad is doing better.