Thursday, October 16, 2008

A tag

My friend Jenny tagged me to tell you 10 of my husband's favorite things. After censoring the less family-friendly answers, this is what I got out of him. *snort* I asked why his family wasn't on the list and he said, "Well you said favourite things."

  1. Photography - well this one was obvious. He's a landscape/wildlife person. Doesn't do people or street photography type stuff. Tends to the more traditional end of the spectrum in terms of style and doesn't think too much of overworked Photoshopped-to-the-nth-degree type stuff. Which makes it interesting because it seems like the PSNZ is tending towards that sort of stuff when it gives out awards these days. He would love to have more time to explore this hobby. *aside* It amuses me that the 3 guys I had relationships with (and married one of them), all were into photography. In fact one of them now owns a glamour photography business.
  2. Big white lens - a lust after item! He does have one BWL, but he'd like a bigger one to get up close and personal to birds with.
  3. Computers/ gadgets - he's really good at electronics stuff (it's his job) so luckily for me he can do some useful things when the computer dies.
  4. Music - he plays the piano, the piano accordion and is teaching himself the guitar. He listens to music regularly.
  5. Food - his tastes have expanded as he has got older and upon leaving home.
  6. Birds (the feathered kind) - particularly natives.
  7. The bush - this is his happy place. Whereas I'm a beach/water person, he prefers the bush.
  8. Trains - where do you think DS got his obsession from!? He's planning to build a model train one day.
  9. Chocolate - dark of course, like me ;)
  10. Coffee - he makes a really good flat white, as good as any barista. He scorns these machines that do all the work for you and has one that requires his input. It really spoils me for anything else! LOL!


  1. oh your Dh will scorn me then as I dont tamp my own coffee lol the machine does it for me lol.....sssssh lets keep that between us.

  2. I dunno if M would be happy if I shared 10 of his favourite things...

  3. Your guys sounds like an interesting person to know. Someone who knows what he like and goes with it, not the latest trend.

    We don't have a digital camera yet (have to use other peoples and/or mobile phone cameras if I want digital photos grrrgh) as hubby loves his traditional camera too much and can't see the point of replacing it. He has lots of lenses too, and covets others he doesn't have yet.

  4. Great fun reading your list, Penny! :)

  5. That was cool Penny :) Neat to 'meet' the hubbies!

  6. Wants to get up close and personal with "birds" huh!! :-) LOL
    Great list ... I wonder if L would let me blog his 10 fav "things". :-)

  7. He does take super photos! That was an interesting list :)