Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a weekend sew and sew

Been trying to get some sewing done.

Some time ago, Nichol Magouirk posted a card to demonstrate dry embossing which I loved. I'm "in to" trees right now. I had this idea that they would be cool on a skirt. I made some for a couple of eco-bags and then decided to add some to a skirt.

I had some material I'd been given that was quite old but seemed fine and I sewed it up, wore it once and the material ripped on me. Obviously it was rotten! To say I was gutted is putting it mildly. So last weekend I finally got the enthusiasm to remake it with some new fabric!

I went into Spotlight looking for something (a zip I think) and naturally gravitated to the fabric section (as you do) to discover they had their summer cottons out to tempt me. So this one lept into my arms along with a pattern.

Not sure now about the length... might be too short for a 30-something-on-the-downward-slide-to-40 to wear to work ya think? Or am I too self-conscious?

Then I couldn't let my daughter miss out so she got a skirt from this cupcake fabric using this free pattern, and I have plans for one like the green polka dots from the apple fabric.

I would have made up the apple fabric this weekend but I discovered a few things:
a) I'd cut the wrong size out (too big)
b) I ran out of interfacing and Spotlight (who have the worst customer service) didn't have the right type so I had to go to the Fabric Barn
c) Fabric Barn in Henderson are closing down (and all fabric is half price so another 2 metres of fabric lept into my arms there)
d) so frustrating to reduce the size having already done the over-locking that I only managed to do one skirt instead of two!
e) being grateful for small mercies that I cut it too big and not too small
f) I need blinkers when I visit fabric stores otherwise I end up seeing things that want to come home with me
g) I {heart} fruit prints


  1. I hear you on wasting time having to redo things. Tonight I finished a skirt that I started in January! I finally cobbled it together and hope that no one looks inside as it's very messy.

    Love those fabrics!

  2. Wow you've been busy, both sewing and fabric shopping heheee :-) Like what you have done. The trees are very cool.
    You know I haven't even got my machine out of its box yet! I need to make room in my scrap space for it.

  3. Oooh, I love that skirt with the trees on it! Super cute!!

    I sooooo wish I could sew. SIGH.

  4. Penny, you are so multi-talented!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skirt! Do you wanna be my personal dressmaker, hee hee? This is exactly the type of skirt I wear. Have you ever been to Moa in Grey Lynn? That is wear I used to buy a lot of my clothes when we lived in Akld. They have funky stuff like this one you made.

    Love the other fabric too, and can I say that with all that cycling your legs must be looking tres toned and sexy, so why not wear a shorter skirt?

    With I could sew (never had the patience to learn). Can only hand sew and knit.

  5. oh love the apple and cupcake fabric. Loved those trees of yours. As for the apple skirt, very cool and I think if you feel confident wearing it then the lenght is irrelevant. I could see it teamed with some leggings underneath.

  6. It's funny how fabric just jumps into your arms ... Fabric Barn sounds like the place to go! Your sewing has inspired me ... wish I could get my overlocker working again, I think Jessi could do with a little skirt like that... might have to seek out some cupcake fabric. Love the trees too!

  7. So impressed with your sewing prowess - I am not just challenged but devoid in that aspect.

    And no the green is not too short - if you want to wear it - wear it.

  8. Nichol Magouirk9:03 am

    this is FABULOUS!!!!
    Thank you, thank you for sharing!!!

  9. looks so cool - I can't remember the last time I sewed. Maybe if I had had a girl.... :)

  10. Penny, those skirts look great and I LOVE that apple fabric! I've been getting the itch to get back to the machine, but homeschooling is really taking a toll on my free time! ;) I totally understand what happens when you go into a fabric store...I can't seem to leave one without spending $50!

  11. Anonymous8:23 am

    Penny I love those skirts! What a great idea to take your love of tree-ish things and put it on clothing! I also think the green skirt is funky and not too short at all. Wear it with pride girl!

  12. Awesome skirts! Funnily enough I have just shortened a skirt but it was nearly ground length to start with! I love the trees.
    I totally agree with the Spotlight service! The other day I stood in a queue and the people behind me were so loud & rude about it, but nothing changes! (I saw the cute cupcake fabric there).

  13. i wish i knew how to sew. i missed out on that gene. i love the tree skirt! oh and as of next week i'm right there with you on that slide toward 40!