Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Future Book of Me content

Me at work. Amazing what you can do with the self timer.

Level 2 Reference Desk - this is the floor where the public library patrons and our students are served by either library's staff. I dislike the way this desk is set up. It's really hard to share anything on the screen while you're helping people. Also you can't adjust the screen to a different height so it's always there in your face.

View out the end of the building on the floor my office is on. More of our buildings are to the right of this picture out of view, as well as the local court house. To the left and out of view is the main street of this suburb, shops and the mall.

Me in my office on the floor that is a dedicated space for our staff and students. I share this office with a colleague. My desk is remarkably clear of stuff!!


  1. so cool to see you in your workplace like that....thanks for sharing and I agree great BOM content there Penny.

  2. Hey, this is cool letting us have a glimpse of where you work, Penny. Thank you :)

    Yep, that desk not only doesn't look ergonomic, it is like a physical barrier too. Doesn't appear "friendly" from a patrons perspective.

    LOL, being a former Westie that road looks very, very familiar ;)

  3. Cool to see you at work, Penny

  4. Looks like a really nice place to work. I always thought it would be wonderful to be a librarian.