Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Like I mentioned in my last post, life has been very busy this past week or two. It's time for an update!

DS started kindy last week. He liked it so much he didn't want to come home! I only needed to stay the first morning with him. The next time he dropped his bag at the gate and was off. He was totally committed to getting on with the activities and Mum was no longer of interest. :-)

I am so glad to announce that we've finally got the potty thing sorted. True we have occasional accidents when he gets busy but he only needs nappies at night now. Yay! Big relief for me who had visions of school days with pull ups.

DD has started teething poor girl. You can just see the offending article peeking through in this picture. She got the first two in a space of 2 days. Goodbye gummy smile! :-( Hello Bonjela.

She is 4 months now and weighed 6.5kg at her last Plunket visit.

DH has gone to the States for a week to do some training and I'm ready for him to be back already! I can cope pretty well but it's so much nicer to have a second parent, not least because it's another adult to talk to! I find my patience is so thin these days I need time out myself. I just hate myself when I don't respond well to my children's behaviour. DH's presence keeps me on an even keel.

He was told on Tuesday last week that he would be flying out on Sunday (4 days notice). We had to rush out and get some new work trousers for him because 2 pairs disintegrated at the same time. Luckily Farmers were having 30% off men's clothing and we found some that passed the "Crouch Test". This is an important test. DH does a bit of lifting in his job and some trousers don't stand up to it. He's had to come home for repairs to the crutch... most amusing for me to see him arrive with his undies flashing! LOL!

We are busy doing painting. Both DH and I love the Karen Walker range of paints so we're doing our bathroom/shower/toilet in Froth Green. We're getting a new vanity and mirror cabinet too. Our bedroom is going to have a feature wall of Sanguine Brown (a kind of red) and the rest in Sandspit Brown. The "spare room" has had a revamp in the form of a new corner computer desk and a removal of junk. I spent most of one Saturday morning shredding old bills and papers. We dismantled the old bed that was in there and replaced it with a sofa bed so it takes up less room. Now DS's toys can be in there instead of the living room. Well that is the theory. The reality is they are spread from one end of the house to the other!


  1. wow that is a busy few weeks. Wow ds looks so grown up. Love the second photo of DS. Love the colours you chose. Hang in there Penny.

  2. well done to DS being such a good boy when starting kindy, makes life so much easier huh!

  3. isn't life with two crazy? (but crazy in a good way - most of the time.) :)

    congrats to tim on kindy and potty learning! hooray for you!

    and holy smokes, i can't believe lydia has teeth already. julian drools like crazy, but no teeth yet. anyway, she's such a cutiepie. love her smile!

  4. ROFL about the trousers!!
    Yes our boy seemed so uninterested in toilet training too but they get there eventually. Frustrating though.
    It just seems yesterday your daughter was born. I can't believe she's teething! Cute pic.
    Hang in there while you're flying solo.

  5. Can totally relate. When my kids were your age (I have a 5 yr gap) I had a very short fuse for the first year or so. It's probably just stress/tiredness, you know. It does get better and easier. Love the colours you've chosen. ANd LOL about the trousers!

  6. PS You star on my blog today!

  7. those colours sound gorgeous!

  8. Hi Penny

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day :-)
    I have to say your baby girl is so cute! And you must be very proud of your little guy, doing SO WELL on his first day at Kindy. I bet he's loving it!