Monday, May 14, 2007


The latest Dr D! My sister graduated with her PhD recently. Her thesis was on Herodotus and what it means to be "mad". Her subject area is Ancient Greek language.

I admire her tenacity to stick to her studies and get her doctorate. Especially since it is in an area that most people can't understand or relate to because it's not vocational. I can tell you she is heartily sick of people telling her "It's all Greek to me."

Time was you could study what you were interested in at University and still be assured of a job at the end of it. Now, you are mostly driven into doing something with a clear vocational end to it. Most people choose something that can be achieved quickly and with as little financial pain as possible - which is why NZ doesn't have enough engineers or midwives for example.

I also admire her for staying home in NZ while doing her PhD. It would be easier for her to find a job if she had gone overseas and studied because the opportunities are greater in terms of networking and getting to know people who might employ you. She made the sacrifice to stay home because my other sister was suicidal at the time, and she felt it would be better to be a support for her. I hope she finds a job soon even though it will most likely mean she will have to head to another country.

DS wasn't that impressed about having this photo - he is more interested in looking at his Thomas book that he had just got from Borders.


  1. They look like Waikato colours. I take it she graduated from Waikato? Good on her for picking something that interest her. Good on her for putting family first. Good on her for staying in NZ?

  2. yay. good on her for sticking to her choices. hope she finds something interesting to do with her qualification.

  3. That's fantastic about your sister! She must really have a passion for the subject. I tell my kids to follow their passion, but deep down I know they will have to find a career which will support them, so saving Tuataras or studying Primates may not work out; nor being on a DT 'like you mum' pay Anna's bills. LOL.
    Thx for the party tips!

  4. Congratulations to her - and as someone who did a "vocational" degree - way better to study something you are passionate about. Not everything is about getting a job.