Monday, May 14, 2007

He's baaaaaaaaaaack

Well he's been back a week actually. Dh that is. From the States.
He took the grand sum total of TWO photos. Can you believe it!? This man does photography as a hobby. Okay, okay he was training and all but mate... go all that way and take 2 photos after buying a 2 gig memory card for my little digi-cam.

This is one of them. The rental car he drove. Whoopdedoo. The other one is of him beside it.

When we were talking about the trip he said casually.. "Oh, and I saw the Google and Yahoo headquarters and stuff." Well - I would have been interested in photos of that!



  1. Oh now that is just too funny! Love it! Men huh?
    Love your boy card last post and your lo and that birthday book is just gorgeous, love the colours. Need to see more lol

  2. too funny Penny. I guess he wasn't wearing his wifes scrapping hat whilst there. And a photo of a car(that's such a boy thing)

  3. ROFLMBO!! That is hilarious!!!! My man is the same when it comes to taking photos. I ask him to take photos if we are somewhere and he'll take 2 or 3. I would take 20!! He thinks there's no point because I only ever keep a few of them. But I always say "at least I have more to choose from!!!" LOL ;-)

    I guess he just thought the car was the most interesting thing around - guys are like that!

  4. typical! Oh well at least YOU have the 2gig card now

  5. Sigh - really!! He obviously needs a minder along with him next time :)

  6. Ha, sounds like something my hubby would normally do, but I shouldn't complain too loudly, when he went OS for a month at the end of last year he actually took some OK photos, but as far as photos around home, or out and about, he can be a bit sucky, never mind, like Ruth said, at least you've got a new card for your camera.

  7. I can relate - I don't need to scrap his photos but I would like to see where he's been! LOL

  8. rofl...Men alright!
    Nice car though..hehehe