Friday, May 25, 2007

20+ Questions

DS constantly asks questions right now. Some of them are tricky.

What do Pukekos say? Waaark! Pip!
Why do pukekos have beaks? Because they need them to eat.
What's that truck carrying? What's that truck got? (Have to make up answers for this one sometimes).
What do pukekos eat? seeds, grass, weed and stuff
Is your roof open? Huh?
What's Nan doing? ummm... I have no idea. Having a cup of tea.
Why is Daddy at work? To earn money so we can eat food and live in a house.
What's on that man's face? Shhhhhhhhhhhhh... whiskers

And the million dollar question at present is "Where is Toby?" He's been put somewhere and I have no idea where he is. Luckily it isn't Trevor who is missing else there really would be serious wailing happening.


  1. Wonderful! :)

    The question about the man's face reminds me of something a little boy I know (better not name him, might get into trouble ;) ) once said, VERY LOUDLY and in church:

    "Oh I didn't know what that was on that lady's face - now I can see they're cockroach eggs!"

    He was referring to a couple of large and rather prominent moles on the poor lady's face.

  2. Love the questions! Good you have answers ... keeps the braincells working LOL

  3. I get "What today is it?" and "What is his name?" - always a him, even when it is a her :)

  4. Oh, he sounds JUST like my little Mr 2 1/2 ... always asking questions! Too cute. And he obviously quite likes pukekos?!? :-)

  5. too funny. Love an enquiring mind. Sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday.

  6. don't you love all the questions? hehe. i sometimes wish ava had a mute button, especially when it's "why?" "why?" "why?" a hundred times a day. ;)

  7. I remember thiose questions driving me nuts. But you wait - now Miss 12 thinks she knows ALL the answers. Don't know which is worse!