Thursday, May 24, 2007


Had a look through my spice cupboard the other day in order to see what needed topping up. I impressed myself with the range I've got!
Check out this list:
Star anise (whole)
Baharat (home made)
ground chillies
ground cardamom
dried marjarom
curry powder
dill seeds
dried sage
sambar powder (home made)
juniper berries
gr. black pepper
white pepper (whole)
fenugreek seeds
mixed spice
brown mustard seeds
black peppercorns (whole)
caraway seeds
dry mango powder
poppy seeds
chinese 5 spice
lemon pepper
cinnamon quills
kalonji seeds (nigella seeds)
smoked paprika (hot & sweet)
ground turmeric
celery seeds
gr. coriander
gr. cayenne
anardana powder
gr. nutmeg
whole nutmeg
gr. cumin
gr. cinnamon
cumin seeds
prickly ash/Sichuan pepper
dried oregano
dried tarragon
dried galangal
gr. ginger
dried chillies (birds eye)
cloves (whole)
vanilla pods
all spice
coriander seeds
panch phoran
sesame seeds
fennel seeds
cardamon (whole)
ras el hanout (home made)
rose water
garlic powder
brown cardamon pods

no wonder I'm running out of space in the cupboard! And yes, I have used all on that list. Some more than others naturally. I find spices and their history fascinating.

BTW: Thank you for your comments the other day when I was feeling a bit stink. I do appreciate it! Much better now. The trouble with the mini-pill is I get PMS every other week complete with chocolate cravings... gonna do something about that!


  1. I have and use of those puppies. WOw you sure have a lot. You would love the Movie "The mistress of spcies". I loved colour and the story of this movie. I dare say the book would be better but as I had never read it the movie rocks.

  2. WOW that is a lot of spices!!! I probably only have about 20 of those! But my problem is that I wouldn't have room for any more!

  3. I love your list. I have maybe 90% of what you have (and some you don't - mostly Malaysian stuff courtesy of BIL). I am ashamed to say I didn't know what baharat was so I looked up your link. Ashamed because it is used in Lebanese cuisine and my Dad is Lebanese!

  4. Love your list. Envious even :)

  5. Wow - impressive list. I had to de-stock the pantry a while ago so we are down to a select few herbs and spices but I can honestly say that some of yours have never been in my collection!

  6. wow thats alot of spices! I've only got about 25 and then don't always use them!

  7. wow - what an extensive collection of spices, several of which i've never heard of. that's awesome that you do so much cooking. :)