Thursday, May 17, 2007

Book Sale for Charity

Random House (the publisher) is going to have a book sale in Auckland on
Sunday 20th May
12-14 Poland Rd, Glenfield

A large selection of books priced from $1 - fiction, non-fiction, children's, gardening, self-help, art books and many more.

Proceeds to Literacy Aotearoa.


  1. man I would have loved to have gone to that!! so jealous.

  2. Oh that would have been great to attend!! Looking forward to saying hello to everyone at SENZ!!

  3. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Well I must say the last 10 minutes of my life have been very interesting. I have just caught up on the life of someone I used to know when I was a teenager and a good friend of your younger sister. I'm not a blogger and I don't even know how you start them but thank you for your blog it's been really interesting to find out about what you are doing now. Keep up the good work! Ollie (Olive-Ann (used to be den Hertog))

  4. Hi Olly!
    Nice to see you around :) Still working for Kiwiscraps?