Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swap Pins

I'm hoping to get to SENZ07 next week (probably on Friday). Can't do any classes because of DD but I still like to go along.

So I've made some swap pins on the off chance there is somebody who will want to swap with me! Apparently the recommended amount is 50 but there is no way I could imagine needing so many so I've made 10. I figure I'm not a famous scrapper or blogger so there won't be that many people who'll recognise me or want mine. Just being realistic.

If you're going to SENZ and see me there please do say hello (and you can have one). I'm not an extrovert person despite how I appear on this blog; I'm actually pretty shy but if I recognise you I will make an effort to say hello.

I'm having a mediocre day today. Feeling like I don't excel in anything. An average scrapper, a good-enough mum/wife, average crafter. I probably was a good reference librarian but only an okay web librarian. Just one of those days I suppose. Need a hug from hubby or something.


  1. I know we've only just "met" but here's a cyber hug from me (((hug))) ... I think we all have days where we feel a bit "average" but when it comes down to it, there will always be somebody who is better than you at any particular thing! So I guess the only thing to do is just say to yourself "I'm the best mum/wife/scrapbooker/librarian that I can be, and that's all that matters!"

    I LOVE the pins you've made, and if I were actually going to SENZ I would certainly recognise you and ask to swap with you! Have a great time :-)

  2. oh Penny we are our own worse enemy somedays. Now its my turn to be your personal cheerleader!! You are awesome, when you wake up Friday you will feel better. because at the end of the day the only person who can make you feel average is you. So repeat after me. Penny is a loving daughter, sister, wife and mother. Penny is fantastic at whatever she does. Penny is wonderful.

    I will be at SENZ and If I see you I will come and say hello. Love your pins and I am not making 50. However I am taking my leftovers from cc06 to swap with.

  3. Oh Penny, your pins are awesome & if you have any left plz can I have one - but I have not made any to swap - as I'll be working there!
    I'm a shy one too, so I'll probably be hiding behind my Fiskars tools! LOL
    Hope you have much better days to come!

  4. I thought you were famous!! I don't think I am going to SENZ but if I was I would love a pin (not that I would have one to swap - I am swap pin challenged). Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  5. Hugs. Love your swap pins. I think you're famous! I *know* you!!

  6. Hi Penny

    I LOVE your pins! They're so cute and I would definitely swap with you if I was going to SENZ :) Hope you have a really fabulous time!

  7. Hope you are feeling a whole lot better about things now, I know I don't you IRL, but I think you are fantastic what you have done and are currently doing.

    Love your swap pins Penny they are just gorgeous especially with the little gecko on them. I am heading to SENZ on Friday too, so will keep an eye out for you, not that I have made any swap pins though - sorry.

  8. I thought I left you a message about this post earlier but anyway....

    I have to say that I follow a lot of blogs but yours is one of 3-4 I HAVE to catch up with. It seems to me it is written by an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, witty, clever person. That's you to me!